"Gigan, Troubled!" / Gigan, Slice! #1

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Godziban episodes
"Moshu-Moshu and the Door of Dreams"
"Gigan, Troubled!" / Gigan, Slice! #1
"Go! Miracle Tail Shot"
"Gigan, Troubled!" / Gigan, Slice! #1
Gigan, Troubled! / Gigan, Slice! episode 1
Series Godziban (Little and Gigan: The Dangerous Duo and Gigan, Slice!)
Episode # 27 (overall), 2 (Little and Gigan: The Dangerous Duo), 1 (Gigan, Slice!)
Directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Written by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Air date June 5, 2020

"Gigan, Troubled!" (ガイガン・苦悩ーっ!,   Gaigan Kunōtsu) is the sixth episode of the second season of Godziban, as well as the the 27th episode overall, the second installment of its Little and Gigan: The Dangerous Duo segment, and the first of its Gigan, Slice! segment. Toho's Godzilla Channel uploaded it to YouTube on June 5, 2020, with an English-subtitled version on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO channel following on March 4, 2022.


Gigan sits on a mountaintop and sulks over his recent humiliation. He came to Earth to prove that he was the strongest and most ferocious monster in the universe, and challenged Godzilla-kun to battle. However, as the two kaiju charged at each other, Gigan accidentally fell into a hole which was then sealed when Anguirus rolled over it. Gigan managed to escape from the hole, but has been tormented by Godzilla-kun's brother Little, who keeps offering to train him, ever since. Gigan seethes over how he has let such a small and weak creature bother him, only for Little to appear before him and once again offer to train him. Gigan asks where Little came from, but Little asks if he has been feeling troubled lately. Little says that being troubled will not make him strong, and that if he stays like that he will lose to his brother again and be too embarrassed to show his face in public. Little asks once again if they can train together, and Gigan agrees. Little explains that his brother's greatest weapon is his atomic breath, which Gigan claims he is not afraid of at all. Little responds that "cockiness brings tragedy," a concept that Gigan cannot grasp. Little then says that he will train Gigan to build enough perseverance to withstand Godzilla-kun's atomic breath. Gigan is annoyed at Little's continued emphasis on perseverance, which Little says is because Gigan is "mentally weak." Gigan asks what kind of training this is, and Little instructs him to hold his arms up then says that he cannot move or scream or else he loses. Gigan confidently says that he fears nothing. Little pulls out a frying pan, much to Gigan's confusion. Little then heats the pan with his atomic breath, prompting Gigan to ask what he intends to do. Little then touches Gigan with the pan, causing him to yelp in pain, but Little reminds him that if he moves, he loses. Gigan asks if this is safe, and Little responds that his atomic breath is weak and the temperature of the pan is good for one's blood circulation and health when placed on the body. Gigan is convinced and agrees to continue. Little heats the pan once again and resumes tapping Gigan with it, reminding him not to move. Grandpa Hedo and Young Hedo observe the training from a nearby peak, with Young Hedo asking his grandpa if Gigan and Little are friends. Grandpa Hedo tells his grandson to continue watching, and he will see. As Little continues tapping him with the hot pan, Gigan finally snaps and throws Little, cursing as he does. Little then informs Gigan that he loses. Gigan asks if Little really thinks he can win the same challenge, and Little responds affirmatively. He stands back up and heats the pan once again, then hands it to Gigan and instructs him to tap him with it. Gigan laughs and says he bets Little can't take it, but is shocked when Little does not react at all to being touched by the pan repeatedly. He asks how Little can stand it, and he responds that "With self-restraint, even fire feels cool." Gigan is baffled by Little's response, but Little declares he has won. Gigan demands another chance, and Little heats the pan again and begins tapping Gigan with it. Grandpa Hedo tells his grandson that "Helping each other improve is what true friends do," to which Young Hedo responds "Okie Hedokie!" Gigan once again cannot stand the heat and throws Little, but Godzilla-kun witnesses this and assumes Gigan is bullying his brother. Gigan insists that he is the one being bullied, but declares that he will beat Godzilla-kun this time and taps his hammer claws together. Godzilla-kun raises his tail, which is holding another frying pan. Gigan asks what he is doing, and Godzilla-kun responds that it is the Godzilla family secret move: "Burning Hot Frying Pan." He blasts the pan with his atomic breath, after which Gigan says that it had better be a good temperature for health. Godzilla-kun then shows Gigan that he made the pan so hot that he was able to cook a pancake on it. Godzilla-kun begins touching Gigan with the hot pan, prompting him to try and run away. As Godzilla-kun chases him, he flings the pancake onto Gigan's head. Gigan eats the pancake while continuing to run away, with Little reminding the audience that frying pans are for cooking only.

In an animated segment, Gigan declares that his claws can slice anything, and demonstrates this by preparing and serving a pork cutlet meal with extra cabbage.




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