Lei Lei

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Lei Lei
Lei Lei in Godziban
Species Xilien
First appearance Godziban special episode 2,
"The Xilien Who Turned Red"
Latest appearance Godziban episode 47,
"Beat Space and the Future!"
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Lei Lei (レイレイ,   Rei Rei) is a young Xilien invader who serves as a recurring antagonist of the web series Godziban. She debuted in the special episode "The Xilien Who Turned Red."


Lei Lei's name may be derived from the Japanese word for zero, rei (零), making her name homophonous with "Zero Zero." This may be an allusion to the Xiliens' designations for King Ghidorah, Godzilla, and Rodan in Invasion of Astro-Monster: Monster Zero, Monster Zero-One, and Monster Zero-Two, respectively.


  • Godziban (web 2019-2023) [episodes 35, 47, 57, and 63; special episodes 2, 4, and 9-11]


"Special Training: Discus!"

Lei Lei traveled to Godzi Godzi Island on Earth to try and abduct the native monsters as pets and potential pawns in an invasion campaign. After capturing Anguirus, she shrunk her UFO down to explore the rest of the island, only to find her ship in the way of the shot put exercises of the Three Godzilla Brothers, with her ship being knocked to the ground by two stones tossed by Minilla and Little. When Godzilla-kun suggested they try practicing discus throwing next, they found the spacecraft and began tossing it about. During the chaos, the flung saucer ended up ramming into Moshu-Moshu, who had managed to helicopter herself into the air with a piece of red bamboo, and popped Anguirus's travel bubble, freeing him. Her plans foiled, Lei Lei returned to space to rethink her strategy.


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