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Doug "Jonesy" Jones
Jonesy in Kong: King of the Apes
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Wildlife rescue worker
Related to Botila (love interest)
First appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 1, "The Adventure Begins"
Played by Viv Leacock

Doug Jones, known by his nickname Jonesy, is a fictional wildlife rescue worker who went to college with his like-minded friend and colleague Lukas Remy. is a protagonist in the 2016 American kaiju show, Kong: King of the Apes.


Kong: King of the Apes

The Adventure Begins

Jonesy was a wildlife rescue worker who had befriended his current partner Lukas Remy in college. One day in 2049, after saving a beluga whale in Alaska and delivering it to a marine rescue in Seattle, Washington, he and Lukas were called by his father, Dr. Leo Remy to his home near San Francisco to search for some missing hikers. They set out for Edgewood Ravine, an area that Lukas and his ape friend Kong knew well. However, the storm had grounded all other rescue crews, and if they were not quick enough, the hikers would freeze on the mountain. Unfortunately, the helicopter's thruster was damaged in the storm and they were also forced to abandon the search. In the morning, Lukas and Jonesy had just gotten ready to head out, not expecting to find them alive, when Kong returned with the hikers.

Kong was later housed on Alcatraz Island, and Jonesy accompanied Lukas to aid his father in converting the place into a museum of natural history. Upon meeting Lukas' brother Richard's assistant Botila, Jonesy attempted to flirt with her before Lukas informed him that she was a Biono-bot. Nearly a year after the grand opening of the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve, Dr. Remy passed away, but Jonesy remained a dedicated member of the team. Around this time, Jonesy and Dr. Amy Quon the resident veterinarian noted a shift in Kong's behavior. After he began a rampage that ended with his fleeing the park, the crew met back up with Kong and Lukas at a secret hideout in the woods. On getting word from Richard that the ligers had escaped, Jonesy immediately knew it was a trap. He had checked the liger habitat after Kong had escaped and both of them were fine. All the same, they had to rescue the cats. They tracked them to a military warehouse, where they saw Botila stealing several crates of weapons. While Kong battled the Biono-bots guarding the facility, Lukas and Jonesy ran inside to rescue the ligers. On releasing them from their bonds they realized that they had triggered a detonation countdown and worked hard to evacuate. Unfortunately they were caught in the act by the military, who blamed the group for Botila's heist. While they were able to safely escape, the ordeal was too much on the mother liger's heart, and she died shortly after her rescue. With the media and the public now believing that Doug and the others were dangerous radical terrorists, the group vowed to clear their name, and Kong's.

Snake in the Grass

Sometime after settling in the treehouse, Jonesy developed a pair of arm bands for Kong to allow him to deflect laserfire. After a morning spent working on the helicopter, Jonesy and Lukas learned that Anita's great niece Francisca had been attacked by a Giant Anaconda in Mexico, and lifted off to rescue her. However they quickly started losing altitude for unknown reasons. Danny Quon then tapped on the window, terrifying Jonesy and Lukas. As it turned out, Kong had grabbed onto the craft's landing skids and Danny convinced them to take him and the ape along. Boosting the power to support Kong's weight was no obstacle due to the extra battery, but in order to carry him more efficiently he devised a claw and harness to suspend him beneath the craft as it flew. When they arrived at the Usumacincta river, Botila and three Biono-bot pterodactyls were there to greet them, and Jonesy tried to maneuver Kong into better fighting position as his swipes at the attackers violently rocked the chopper. He then had Lukas use his newest invention, a laser net designed to incapacitate Biono-bots, which he successfully used on one of the pterodactyls just before Jonesy noticed that the helicopter was getting low on power. When the Biono-bots were defeated, the crew searched into the evening to find the girl, and just as the anaconda surfaced again, she came running, begging them not to hurt it. Afterward, two Biono-bots came and took the snake after setting the jungle on fire, and leaving the team distracted as they put it out. With the helicopter's battery low from flying with Kong, they made their way back to San Francisco at a snail's pace. When they arrived back on Alcatraz, they saw that Richard had turned the snake into a cyborg Biono-bot. Kong and the snake began to fight, but Jonesy was unable to capture the anaconda in a laser net without getting Kong as well. Richard sent a Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus came out to get rid of them. Lukas shot it with a laser net, and Botila began running for him. Jonesy tried to tackle her, but she flipped him over and onto the ground. They exchanged a few words before Lukas shot her with a laser net. They then saw the kids taking out the helicopter's battery, which they then used to short the snake's implants. With her incapacitated, Jonesy and Lukas loaded her into the chopper and took her home, where Amy was able to remove her cyborg augmentations. The two then prepared to release her into the wild, where Richard would be unable to find her.

Kong in 3D

Doug creates a jetpack for Kong while a holographic Kong terrorizes the city. They then decide that Richard is behind it, and track him to a uranium mine in Mexico. King Kong defeats the Biono-bots at the mine while Doug and Lukas' helicopter is downed by Botila. Doug gets it working and uses the Holographic Kong's remote controller to "attack" Alcatraz island.

Poacher's Prize

Doug creates an invisibility function for Kong's jetpack. They then notice that Richard has three Ligers on alcatraz island identical to a deceased Liger whose cub they are caring for. They and Kong then try to rescue them, as Richard is selling them on the black market. Doug chases Botila, who has taken one of the Ligers, into the forest where she tries to kill him. He eventually tricks her into diving off a cliff. With two Ligers rescued, Doug and Lukas then spend the rest of the episode planning how to infiltrate the island without being spotted while Kong, Danny, and Francisca save it. He and Lukas then relocate the three Ligers to a safe location with a population of tigers.

King's Ransom

Amy Quon is kidnapped by Richard, and he calls Lukas to tell him that he had nothing to do with it, and urges him to start looking for her. Doug and Lukas track her car to the bottom of San Francisco Bay, where Lukas is attacked by two Megalodon Biono-bots that Kong fights off. After not finding Amy in the car, they follow a signal from her phone to a canyon where they are attacked by the police. Doug, Lukas, Danny Quon, and Francisca then infiltrate Alcatraz island to search for her. They are successful and escape the island with Amy.

Little Bots, Big Problems

Doug and Amy Quon are sent to dispose of a tracking device that was planted on Amy in the previous episode. They take it to China and place it on a duck and spend the rest of the episode at Amy's grandmother's house.


Doug goes with Lukas to his old house in the redwoods, where Doug finds the deactivated body of Botila. In an open panel on her arm, Doug discovers some malware which he removes. After doing this, Botila reawakens and thanks him. Doug and Lukas then return to the base.

Bionic Arms Race

Doug and Lukas suspect Richard of plotting something after watching a Biono-bot destroy a missile headed for the city. Doug then tries to hack Botila to get answers. After learning of Richards plan for world domination, he and Kong travel to Alcatraz to face Botila and gain the codes to shut down the Biono-bots across the globe.

Honey I Shrunk the Kong

After Kong goes missing saving people from a stranded aircraft, Doug examines video footage to determine that Botila shrunk Kong with a shrinking ray. He and Lukas then head to Alcatraz to rescue Kong, and he is attacked by Botila, who disables his jetpack and prepares to kill him before being hit by Danny Quon in a helicopter.

Kong on Ice

Doug and Lukas travel to the Arctic to rescue polar bears from the rapidly melting ice caps. When they arrive they are attacked by Richard, who imprisons them in his base. The two then talk Botila into letting them out, but when they reach their helicopter they find that Richard had removed an important part from it. Richard then tried to kill Lukas with his finger laser, but it malfunctioned before he could fire. Kong then destroyed the surrounding Biono-bots while Doug fixed the ship. Doug then flew the team home and left Richard in the Arctic.


Doug and Lukas receive word from Richard, who is on the run from Botila. They then accept him and search the world for a place to hide and form a plan. Doug repairs Richard's bionic arm, and creates a helmet to block a radar signal from Richard that Botila was using to track them. Richard then went to Alcatraz to fight Botila himself, and betrayed Lukas and Doug who came to help him by trying to drown Kong, who had recently learned to swim. Doug and Lukas then left Richard to Botila.


Doug catches Laryngitis, and is unable to speak throughout the episode. he then helps Amy and the kids search for African Mosquitoes to create an antidote for Lukas, who was infected by Robosquitoes.


Doug remains in San Francisco and helps to reprogram the Robosquitoes to administer the antidote to the police force.



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