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Trex Bot
Trex Bot
Controlled by Richard Remy
Relations Richard Remy (creator)
Enemies Kong
First appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 1, "The Adventure Begins"
Latest appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 23, "Battle Royale"
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Trex Bot is a miniature replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex built by a young Richard Remy in 2039. It appears throughout the 2016 Netflix animated series, Kong: King of the Apes, beginning with its first episode entitled "The Adventure Begins".


Trex Bot's name is a combination of "T-rex," a shortening of Tyrannosaurus rex, and "bot," from robot. Though it goes unnamed during the events of Kong: King of the Apes, its name can be seen on concept art.


Kong: King of the Apes

"The Adventure Begins"

After being forced to move from the city to the redwood forest, Richard Remy was quite unhappy. However, to make it up to his son, Dr. Leo Remy allowed him to use his laboratory to create the robotic dinosaur he had always dreamed of, but forbade him to enter the lab when he was not around, or to use any of the highly dangerous lasers therein. Richard enjoyed creating the Trex Bot, and programmed it to crush paint cans underfoot, but was never satisfied with its aesthetics. He begged his father to let him use the lasers to polish its casing, but he was refused. Dr. Remy offered to help his son and operate the lasers for him, but Richard grew spiteful and insisted that he had to do all of the work himself. One day, Richard got his father and brother Lukas Remy out of the house and fired up the lasers alone, breaking both rules, in an attempt to show his father how wrong he had been to deny him access, and to make him truly proud, despite his already being truly proud. As expected, Richard could not safely operate the lasers and exploded the lab, leaving the half-polished Trex Bot as evidence.

As an adult, Remy never forgot the Trex Bot and kept it with him. It later adorned his office on Alcatraz Island.



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