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Kong: King of the Apes Episodes
Kong on Ice
Series Kong: King of the Apes
Episode # 11
Directed by Monotori Sakakibara
Written by Dennis Haley & Marcy Brown
Air date April 15, 2016

Takeover is the eleventh episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with the team celebrating Anita and Francisca's return from Mexico, while Richard Remy grows irritated with Botila for making a Biono-clone of him to be her servant, and Another version of herself. She then reveals to Richard that, as a robot, and given the poor treatment of the planet, she will probably outlive the Earth, and must be prepared to eliminate the human race if need be. Richard then tries to attack her, but her superior strength damaged his Biono-botic implants, and he tries to flee the island, which was now under Botila's control. Richard, now on the run, sought help from his brother, and met him at their old houseboat dock. With him in tow, the team began to search for a safe place to hide while plotting against Botila. After some careful planning and repairs to his Bionics, Richard abandoned the team and traveled to Alcatraz Island by himself, where he attempted to destroy Botila with a disruptor, but only took out one of her doubles. Lukas Remy and Doug Jones then arrived to aid Richard, with Kong coming to the island on the Monorail track. Richard then detonated explosives set on the track, forcing Kong into the water below. Kong, who had learned to swim, swam to the island to rescue his friends, and they left Richard to Botila. Richard then reveals to her that if she kills him, he had a failsafe installed that would shut all Biono-bots, including Botila down, and She revealed that in the event of her shutdown, his bank accounts would be erased, and video evidence of his illegal activities would be posted online. The two then called a truce, and prepared for the future.




Weapons, vehicles, and races


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