Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus

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Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus
Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus
Species Biono-bots
Controlled by Richard Remy
Enemies Kong
First appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 1, "The Adventure Begins"
Latest appearance Kong: King of the Apes
episode 23, "Battle Royale"

The Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus is a type of Biono-bot built to resemble the long extinct Tyrannosaurus rex in 2049 by Dr. Richard Remy along with the rest of the Biono-bots as attractions in the "Dino Zone Prehistoric Wildlife Show" at the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve on Alcatraz Island. They, along with the other Biono-bots, debuted in the first episode of the 2016 Netflix original animated series Kong: King of the Apes entitled "The Adventure Begins"


Kong: King of the Apes

"The Adventure Begins"

Upon assembly of the first Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus, Dr. Leo Remy remarked that his son's work had finally surpassed his own. When the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve opened, the Tyrannosaurus and other dinosaurs inhabited the "Dino Zone", where visitors could watch them battle one another. Despite this, Kong was the park's star attraction. When Kong escaped his habitat, Botila programmed the Biono-bots to eliminate him, and after some struggle on the surface, Kong fell into a pit, where he was faced with the Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus. It charged at Kong, who grabbed it by the jaws and was able to turn it away, but it quickly spun around to smack him down with its tail. Kong got back up and the two struggled against one another for a time, but Kong was able to slam the Biono-bot to the ground and climb on its back before pulling its head off.

Later at a military warehouse in south San Francisco, after the pterodactyls were defeated, a Tyrannosaurus emerged to fight Kong. It shot its lasers at him, but he was able to block the impact with a scrap machine he was holding. With the ape thrown onto his back, the Tyrannosaurus advanced, and the two struggled for a moment before Kong bashed the Biono-bot's head with his scrap vehicle, damaging it and causing it to go down momentarily. Kong climbed onto its back and continued their fight until a signal caused the Biono-bot to retreat as the army arrived.

"Snake in the Grass"

When Botila's first attempt to capture a rare Giant Anaconda proved unsuccessful, one of Richard's underlings approached Kong on the back of a Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus. After charging Kong, the ape knocked the robot into the river with one punch, and the snake lunged at its rider. The bot was unharmed, and charged at Kong once again while he was distracted by a pterodactyl. he caught the tyrannosaur by the jaws, and was briefly trapped before breaking free and grabbing its tail. Kong then flipped the bot over his head and slammed it into the ground several times until it stopped working. Back at Richard's lab on Alcatraz Island, Richard had Botila unleash a tyrannosaurus to take care of his brother in order to prevent him from saving Kong as the Giant Anaconda took the upper hand in their battle. Lukas however, was able to snag it in a laser net, bringing it to the ground.


Laser beams

With the aid of two devices mounted on the sides of their heads, and targeting systems within their eyes, Biono-bot Tyrannosaurus can fire two laser beams.



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