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Geharha in Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster
Subtitle(s) Giant Long Haired Monster
(長髪大怪獣,   Chōhatsu Daikaijū)
Species Ancient creature
Controlled by Unnamed aliens
Allies Unnamed aliens
Enemies Military
Played by Kazuhiro Yoshida
First appearance Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster

Geharha (ゲハラ,   Gehara) is a kaiju that appeared in Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster.


Geharha's name is, ironically, derived from the Japanese word for baldness, hage (禿げ), spelled backwards. It is suffixed with -ra, a common suffix for kaiju names, resulting in his Japanese name, Gehara. Though the name of the monster itself is typically spelled in katakana as ゲハラ (Gehara), the name of the Geharha Shrine uses a kanji spelling of 毛覇羅 for sound only.


Geharha is a sloth-like monster, with a reptilian head, long black hair all over its body and yellow glowing eyes.


Geharha: The Dark and Long Haired Monster

Two fishermen were on a boat. The boat suddenly began shaking and soon exploded as Geharha rose from the ocean. One fisherman survived Geharha's attack and was found completely bald. He was admitted into a hospital where he began suffering from violent outbursts, screaming the word "hair" quite often. This intrigued a photographer to go deep into a forest looking for anything possibly connected to the attack on the boat. He found a broken stone that read 'Geharha Shrine'. He came across a wooden house full of people that worshiped Geharha, practicing a native dance dedicated to the beast. Their leader told the report that Geharha had escaped and that nothing could be done to stop it. Geharha attacked the city and was attacked by the military, but their weapons were useless. They then made a giant fan which they used to fight Geharha, destroying the area around it in the process. The military continued to attack Geharha, driving him out of the city. They tracked him down in the mountains and bombed him, eventually killing him and causing his body to fall into a river. However, a UFO then came and captured Geharha. They threatened the humans to surrender and then revived Geharha, setting him free to attack Japan once again.


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Geharha can release hair all around from its body. When Geharha's hair is cut off, it releases a horrible smell.


Geharha's hair acts as armor, and if it is blown away, he is vulnerable to attack from missiles or other weapons.


  • Geharha may be based on the hyosube, a yokai from Japanese folklore said to be covered in hair and able to spread disease through sight. This yokai is a cousin to the kappa.


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