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Species Giant Gila Monster
Length ?? meters
Allies ???
Enemies ???
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Invades America Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island

Gila is a monster from the book Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island. He is a monster form of a gila monster.


Gila is based off a gila monster lizard.


Gila is presumably one of several juvenile monsters cared for and fed by Kumonga and Kamacuras in Godzilla Invades America, along with Gopher, Armie, Gecko, and Chuck. However the young monsters are not described and named until Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island, being treated as an undifferentiated menacing horde to human characters that stumble upon a nest of monsters in the Nevada desert.

Like Kamacuras, Kumonga, and Sasori in the Scott Ciencin books; Gila is implied to be a result of experiments with size-changing technology.They were possibly experimented on directly after hatching, born from the egg of a parent that was a test subject, or experimented on while in the egg.

After the nest was reported to the military, plans were made to destroy it, but upon their arrival only eggshells were found: Kumonga and Kamakuras had evacuated the nest.

Gila would later be part of the procession of monsters following Godzilla to what would become Monster Island. After a battle broke out between some of the larger kaiju in the procession, Gila and the other younger monster fled into a crowded city and had to be calmed down by the child psychic twin, Roy and Amy, and led out of the city.


As gila monsters are carnivorous (eating mainly invertebrates though), Gila was possibly one of the baby kaiju that fed upon captured humans brought to the nest by Kumonga and Kamacuras.


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