Butterfly Bush

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Butterfly Bush
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Tinea mortis[1]
Species Shrub florafauna[1]
Height 3-10 feet[1]
Forms Butterfly Bush, Butterfly Flower
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
First appearance Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure

The Butterfly Bush is a plant superspecies included in the bestiary for the 2023 tabletop roleplaying game Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure. Found only on Skull Island, they reproduce by infecting animals with seeds from their floating Butterfly Flowers.


The Butterfly Bush is named after the fluttering flight of its deadly flowers. Members of the real flowering plant genus Buddleja are also commonly referred to as butterfly bushes.


Butterfly Bushes are deciduous bushes with blue and green flowers.[1]


Butterfly Bushes can thrive in either firm or sandy soil.[1] Butterfly Flowers will launch from a Butterfly Bush upon maturity, or in response to an attack. Each flies through the air in search of a flying or terrestrial animal to infect with a seed that will take control of the target's body and eventually kill them, with a new Butterfly Bush sprouting from their remains.


Butterfly Bush disease

Each Butterfly Flower can infect an animal with a seed at the cost of the flower's life. The initial sting causes little pain, and symptoms such as soreness, slight fatigue, and inflamed, itchy skin will not manifest for another four days.[1] After two weeks, the seed will take total control of its host's body, with leaves and shoots popping out of their skin.[2] They will then seek out suitable growing soil, reacting aggressively to any attempt to assault or subdue them. Humans at this stage will also be unable to speak. After 30 days, the victim dies and a new Butterfly Bush will emerge from their corpse.

The seed can be removed with relative ease within 24 hours of infection. If the victim still has control of their body, a "chemical diet" will be sufficient to cure them; if not, professional surgery will be needed. Butterfly Bush disease cannot affect organisms past a certain size, such as the Mire Squid, Mother Longlegs, Sirenjaw, Sker Buffalo, Skullcrawler, Spore Mantis, Swamp Locust, and all Titans.[1] Butterfly Flowers are also uninterested in aquatic species.

Tabletop games


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