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Gallas in Kaiju Ward Gallas
Erika Katase in Kaiju Ward Gallas
Species Manifestation of malice
Forms Erika Katase, Gallas
Enemies Hayato Otaka
Designed by Hideki Tajima
Modeled by Tomo Hyakutake, Manabu Yoshimatsu
Played by Makoto Okunaka (Erika),
Daisuke Sato (Gallas)
First appearance Kaiju Ward Gallas
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Gallas (ギャラス,   Gyarasu) is a giant raven kaiju who appears in the 2019 Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club short film Kaiju Ward Gallas. Gallas was originally the human girl Erika Katase (片瀬 エリカ,   Katase Erika), but her body was overtaken by dark influence, transforming her into a monster. However, after terrorizing and ultimately murdering her ex-boyfriend Hayato Otaka, she returned to human form.


Gallas' Japanese name, Gyarasu (ギャラス), is a corruption of karasu (烏 or カラス), the Japanese word for "crow" or "raven."


Gallas was designed by Ishimori Pro artist Hideki Tajima, while her suit was modeled by Tomo Hyakutake and Manabu Yoshimatsu. The film's end credits also name Gaku Namikawa, Kenichi Sekine, Yume Inoue, Kiyo Nakamura, Ayaka Narita, and Ryogawa Hashimoto as associate modelers.


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Heisei era

Kaiju Ward Gallas

After being dumped by her manipulative boyfriend Hayato Otaka, Erika Katase was corrupted through the meddling of a mysterious, scar-faced woman. A number of identical Erikas appeared before Hayato in dark clothing, eventually cornering him and piercing his ears with guttural screams. The Erikas then suddenly disappeared into a pile of feathers, and in their place loomed the giant monster Gallas. Gallas crawled after Hayato through the city on all fours, eventually chasing him to a seemingly abandoned warehouse. Hayato set a trap of explosives in the building, which he ignited while Gallas's head was poking through the ceiling. The monster was decapitated in the explosion, but soon regrew her head and ate Hayato whole while he was distracted. Gallas disappeared in a flash of light, and Erika returned to normal.

Speaking to the bartender at Bar Guidepost, the scar-faced woman explained that those with pure souls are easy to corrupt, and such dark influence may take on a physical form. She then placed a feather trapped in a jar—implied to be Erika's soul—into her briefcase.

Reiwa era

Junretsu's Love Spring: Tour of Famous Onsen Throughout Japan

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While in her corrupted state, Erika Katase was able to project duplicates of herself before finally transforming into Gallas.


Gallas herself did not demonstrate any special attacks. However, she was able to completely regenerate her head after having it blown off in an explosion.



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Gallas appears to use a modified stock roar that was also utilized by Ace Killer in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3.


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