Black Mechagodzilla

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Black Mechagodzilla®
Black Mechagodzilla in Godzilla Island
Alternate names Black Mechagodzilla 2,[1]
Mechagodzilla ShadowSuper7
Species Mechanical Godzilla duplicate
Controlled by Zagreth, Torema
Allies Godzilla
Enemies Mechagodzilla, Godzilla (initially), Anguirus, Baragon, Gorosaurus, Proto-Moguera
First appearance Godzilla Island

Black Mechagodzilla (ブラックメカゴジラ,   Burakku Mekagojira) is a mecha created by Toho that appeared in the 1997 Godzilla television series Godzilla Island.


Black Mechagodzilla resembles the original Mechagodzilla from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, but is entirely black in color rather than silver. In addition, Black Mechagodzilla's eyes are white rather than orange.


Godzilla Island

After being fired from her position, the Xilien agent Zagreth developed a final plan involving Black Mechagodzilla, a machine built using data from Godzilla and Mechagodzilla, but that was decommissioned due to it being found to be defective. Flying down to Godzilla Island in the old machine, Zagreth confronted the island's monsters before challenging G-Guard's own Mechagodzilla to a one-on-one fight. She cheated during the battle, however, and soon took out the G-Guard mech, claiming victory. Unfortunately for her, this prompted the other monsters to attack Black Mechagodzilla, causing it to malfunction.

Zagreth was taken prisoner at the G-Guard Base, but a mysterious beeping noise within Black Mechagodzilla prompted Beisuke Jinguji and his alien sidekick Torema to abandon Zagreth to investigate. Torema entered Black Mechagodzilla and discovered that a bomb was the source of the beeping. Though the device proved to be a dud, the damage had been done: Zagreth not only escaped, but managed to steal another of G-Guard's robots, Proto-Moguera, while they were distracted. Zagreth ruthlessly attacked the other monsters and the base using Proto-Moguera, but Torema managed to fix Black Mechagodzilla and piloted it into battle. Black Mechagodzilla and Godzilla teamed up against Proto-Moguera, eventually destroying it and driving Zagreth back into space.



The powers of Black Mechagodzilla are much like those of the silver Mechagodzilla. It can also emit a yellow laser beam from its mouth, similar to Mechagodzilla's Fake Godzilla disguise in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.


Black Mechagodzilla was found to be defective, and sold at a reduced price because of this. It soon ceased to function normally, with its control room falling apart.


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