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Torema as she appears in Introducing Torema
Species Humanoid alien from Planet Torendeiru
Enemies Zagreth
First appearance "Introducing Torema"
Played by Mayumi Ōkuwa
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Torema (トレマ) is an alien from Planet Torendeiru who first appeared in the 1997 Godzilla Island episode "Introducing Torema". Her homeworld Planet Torendeiru was destroyed when the Xilien, led by Zagreth and assisted by King Ghidorah, used Berserker Wave Towers to turn a local population of Jigora against the people of the planet. After regretfully killing one of the monsters, Torema fled to Earth, potentially the last of her kind. She lived on Godzilla Island for some time, helping to protect the monsters from Zagreth's onslaught. In episode 125, Torema left Earth to defeat Zagreth once and for all, but returned in the series' final story arc.


Torema is a cheerful young woman, often smiling and joking, but she was deeply affected by the loss of her homeworld, which is shown by her grudge against Zagreth and her affection for Godzilla and Godzilla Junior, who remind her of Jigora. Torema is rather ruthless in a fight, and she was ready to kill Zagreth inside of Hyper Mecha-King Ghidorah.


Heisei era

Godzilla Island

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Abilities and equipment


Torema's spaceship is called Panatolute. This ship not only has powerful cannons, but can also teleport Torema to a relatively remote location, although at high energy cost.


Torema uses a handheld energy pistol, although it cannot inflict much damage. She also wields two swords made from unknown crystalline-like material, but usually keeps them on Panatolute.

Miracle Telekinesis

As member of the Torendiru race, Torema can use a Miracle Telekinesis ability. It can affect monsters' minds and is potent enough to harm King Ghidorah, but also harms the user and decreases their life expectancy.


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