Introducing Torema

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Godzilla Island story arcs
Introducing Torema
King Ghidorah
Introducing Torema
Torema smiles after teleporting into G-Guard headquarters
Series Godzilla Island
Episode # 1-5
Directed by Shun Mizutani
Written by Takahiko Masuda
Air date October 6-10, 1997

Introducing Torema (トレマ登場編,   Torema Tōjō-hen) is the first story arc of the 1997 television series Godzilla Island. Written by Takahiko Masuda, it comprises the series' first five episodes, which aired from October 6 to 10, 1997.


No. Title card Title
Air date
Television YouTube
GI - EP001.png
"Attack of the Massive UFO!"
(巨大 (きょだい)UFO襲来 (しゅうらい)!)
October 6, 1997 March 7, 2023
GI - EP002.png
"The Mysterious Spaceship—Friend or Foe?"
( (てき)味方 (みかた) (なぞ)宇宙船 (うちゅうせん))
October 7, 1997 March 9, 2023
GI - EP003.png
"Introducing Torema!"
(トレマ登場 (とうじょう))
October 8, 1997 March 14, 2023
GI - EP004.png
"Godzilla Attacks!"
(ゴジラ出撃 (しゅつげき)!)
October 9, 1997 March 16, 2023
GI - EP005.png
"The Indomitable Pair"
(無敵 (むてき)のコンビネーション)
October 10, 1997 March 21, 2023


"Attack of the Massive UFO!"

The year is 2097. Humanity has made peace with Earth’s giant monsters, including Mothra, Anguirus, Rodan, Gorosaurus, Baragon, and Godzilla, who now reside on Godzilla Island in the Pacific. The organization G-Guard, based on the island, is tasked with protecting both the monsters and humanity from outside threats. Commander Beisuke Jinguji basks in the island’s tranquility, although the robot Lucas laments that they have nothing to do. As Jinguji dozes off, they receive a report of an enormous UFO attacking a city, forcing Lucas to wake him. Godzilla stirs as the craft changes course towards the island.

"The Mysterious Spaceship—Friend or Foe?"

Determined to repel the UFO without involving the monsters, Jinguji orders Mechagodzilla, MOGUERA, and Jet Jaguar into action. The three mechs launch from underground and fly in formation towards the UFO, only to be immediately shot down. The ship’s pilot, a vain Xilien called Zagreth, demands that G-Guard surrenders in time for her facial appointment. A smaller, red spaceship suddenly enters the island’s airspace. Godzilla watches it approach the Xilien craft as Jinguji wonders what its intentions could be.

"Introducing Torema!"

As the red ship opens fire on the Xilien craft, Zagreth recognizes the pilot's tactics and temporarily retreats. Jinguji celebrates their victory, though Lucas points out they didn't really do anything. The red ship's pilot, a space pirate/freelancer named Torema beams into the control room to introduce herself and ask for a job with G-Guard. Jinguji offers her a janitorial position, but before she can leave in disgust, she notes that Godzilla is crying out and soon realizes that the cause is SpaceGodzilla approaching the island.

"Godzilla Attacks!"

SpaceGodzilla lands on the island. Jinguji realizes that Torema can understand Godzilla's speech, although Lucas warns that she could be an enemy spy. SpaceGodzilla trains his Corona Beam on G-Guard's base as Zagreth returns, urging the alien monster to destroy Torema in particular. Jinguji injures his back in the chaos, but Torema fixes it with a kick. On her advice, he orders an eager Godzilla into battle.

"The Indomitable Pair"

Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla grapple. Torema, joining the battle in her ship, tells Godzilla to target his foe's shoulder crystals. He aims his atomic breath at one, causing it to explode; Torema destroys the other with her ship's lasers. Firing their rays simultaneously, they then annihilate SpaceGodzilla himself. Jinguji is ecstatic, although Lucas is still suspicious of Torema. Returning to headquarters, she accepts the contents of his wallet (and the wallet itself) as payment as he protests. Having retreated into space, Zagreth vows that her next attempt to conquer the Earth won't be so easily repelled.


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