The Trial of Godzilla

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Godzilla Island story arcs
King Ghidorah
The Trial of Godzilla
Junior Kidnapped
The Trial of Godzilla
Godzilla is imprisoned in a G-Guard cell
Series Godzilla Island
Episode # 16-20
Directed by Shun Mizutani
Written by Takahiko Masuda
Air date October 27-31, 1997

The Trial of Godzilla (ゴジラ裁判編,   Gojira Saiban-hen) is the third story arc of the 1997 television series Godzilla Island. Written by Takahiko Masuda, it comprises the series' 16th through 20th episodes, which aired from October 27 to 31, 1997.


No. Title card Title
Air date
Television YouTube
Godzilla Island 016.png
"Godzilla's Alibi"
October 27, 1997 April 27, 2023
Godzilla Island 017.png
"I Am Innocent!"
( (おれ)無実 (むじつ)だ!)
October 28, 1997 May 2, 2023
Godzilla Island 018.png
"Godzilla Escapes!"
(ゴジラ、脱走 (だっそう)!)
October 29, 1997 May 4, 2023
Godzilla Island 019.png
"The Order to Kill Godzilla"
(ゴジラ抹殺 (まっさつ)命令 (めいれい))
October 30, 1997 May 9, 2023
Godzilla Island 020.png
"A Scheme Revealed"
October 31, 1997 May 11, 2023


"Godzilla's Alibi"

Torema has a nightmare about killing the Godzilla-like monster that was her friend on Planet Torendeiru. Lucas alerts her that Godzilla is destroying Tokyo's Yurakucho district. He returns to Tokyo Bay as she arrives in the G-Guard control room. She suspects Zagreth is responsible, but Commander Beisuke Jinguji reports that Godzilla couldn't be found on Godzilla Island at the time of the attack, leaving him with no alibi. The Earth government orders him arrested, and Jinguji orders the Super X2 to do so when he surfaces near Godzilla Island. Torema is outraged, but Jinguji reveals that he wants her to serve as Godzilla's lawyer for the ensuring trial.

"I Am Innocent!"

A handcuffed Godzilla is being held in a cell-like cave as his trial begins. With Torema translating, Godzilla denies the charge, explaining that he had traveled to Matango Island to watch the moon during the attack on Tokyo. Lucas theorizes that he became intoxicated on the mushrooms there, and Godzilla confesses to having a small bite. Jinguji orders Matango Island investigated and Godzilla's blood alcohol content checked. Giant prison bars slam down in front of the cave's entrance. Suddenly, Lucas reports Megalon and Battra approaching the island.

"Godzilla Escapes!"

Jinguji orders Mothra and Rodan into action to stop the invading monsters. Since they've recently been released from the hospital, he adds Mechagodzilla and MOGUERA to back them up. Torema joins them in her ship, which she identifies for the first time as the Panna Torte. Rodan collides with Megalon, with MOGUERA blasting the beetle monster in the back with its eye lasers; Mechagodzilla and Torema do the same to Battra after he and Mothra graze each other. Watching from afar, Zagreth is surprised to see Torema's ship, but assures herself she couldn't have lived through her poisoning. Nonetheless, she orders her monsters to retreat. Jinguchi celebrates, but Torema admonishes him for using weakened monsters - who are now back in the hospital. Just then, they receive an alert that Godzilla escaped his cell during the battle.

"The Order to Kill Godzilla"

Lucas believes that Godzilla's destructive instincts have resurfaced, while Torema holds that he plans to prove his own innocence. Lucas questions why she's so quick to see the good in him, causing her again to guiltily recall killing her monster friend on Planet Torendeiru, who she names as Jigora. Lucas reports that Godzilla is rampaging through Shinjuku, and the Earth government orders him destroyed. Torema races out in the Panna Torte to stop them.

"A Scheme Revealed"

Torema tries to convince Godzilla to return home. He blasts her ship with atomic breath and it plummets from the sky - but is caught by a second Godzilla. The heroic Godzilla aims atomic breath at the villainous Godzilla, revealing it to be a mechanical imposter. Lucas claims to have known the truth from the start. Zagreth orders her pawn to kill the real Godzilla, but he shrugs off its ray and destroys it with a second blast. Torema and Godzilla return to Godzilla Island as Zagreth warns their friendship won't last forever.


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