Monster Vending Machine

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Monster Vending Machine
The Monster Vending Machine in Godzilla Island
First appearance Godzilla Island episode 51,
"Team Zagreth in the Red"
Latest appearance Godzilla Island episode 234,
"Mystery Radio Waves"
Thank you for your continued patronage.

— Monster Vending Machine to Zagreth upon her purchasing a Grade B Mecha-King Ghidorah ("Team Zagreth in the Red")

The Monster Vending Machine (怪獣自動販売機,   Kaijū Jidō Hanbaiki) is a machine that dispenses monsters in the 1997 Toho series Godzilla Island.


The Monster Vending Machine is mostly red with silver-colored metal. The top of the front side of the machine reads "怪獣自動販売機" (Kaijū Jidō Hanbaiki), translating to Monster Vending Machine. It has three rows of panels which show silhouettes of monsters the machine is selling. The uppermost row of panels has one giant panel, the middle row has three panels, and the lowest row has four panels. The machine also has a green button on the right side, as well as a dim vending compartment at the bottom of the anterior. The monsters the machine was selling at the time Zagreth visited it included:


Godzilla Island

"Team Zagreth in the Red"

The Monster Vending Machine was approached by Zagreth as it was floating in space. She wanted to purchase a Special Grade A Mecha-King Ghidorah from it for 10 million Space Zeni, but due to current finances could only afford to get a Grade B Mecha-King Ghidorah for 2.5 million Space Zeni. The machine promptly dispensed the cyborg monster and thanked Zagreth for her patronage. However, she failed to realize that the cyborg's electronic brain and controller were sold separately, and had to wait three days for another vending machine to arrive at her location before she could purchase them.

"Mystery Radio Waves"

Zagreth pays a discreet visit to the Monster Vending Machine once again in the beginning of the 234th episode. This time she buys the Special Grade A Hyper Mecha-King Ghidorah. The machine says "thank you very much" before dispensing the mech.



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  • The Monster Vending Machine is likely a nod to the abundance of vending machines in Japan's cities, offering a wide variety of items.


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