Junior Kidnapped

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Godzilla Island story arcs
The Trial of Godzilla
Junior Kidnapped
Junior Kidnapped
Megalon patrols around Godzilla Junior's cage
Series Godzilla Island
Episode # 21-30
Directed by Shun Mizutani
Written by Takahiko Masuda
Air date November 3-14, 1997

Junior Kidnapped (ジュニア誘拐編,   Junia Yūkai-hen) is the fourth story arc of the 1997 television series Godzilla Island. Written by Takahiko Masuda, it comprises the series' 21st through 30th episodes, which aired from November 3 to 14, 1997.


No. Title card Title
Air date
Television YouTube
Godzilla Island 021.png
"Son of Godzilla"
(ゴジラの息子 (むすこ))
November 3, 1997 May 16, 2023
Godzilla Island 022.png
"Torema and Junior"
November 4, 1997 May 18, 2023
Godzilla Island 023.png
"Junior Kidnapped"
(ジュニア誘拐 (ゆうかい))
November 5, 1997 May 23, 2023
Godzilla Island 024.png
"Operation Rescue Junior"
(ジュニア救出作戦 (きゅうしゅつさくせん))
November 6, 1997 May 25, 2023
Godzilla Island 025.png
"Taking Back Junior"
(ジュニアを (かえ)せ!)
November 7, 1997 May 30, 2023
Godzilla Island 026.png
"The Impregnable Stronghold"
(鉄壁 (てっぺき) (とりで))
November 10, 1997 June 1, 2023
Godzilla Island 027.png
"The White Flag of Regret"
(無念 (むねん)白旗 (しろはた))
November 11, 1997 June 6, 2023
Godzilla Island 028.png
"Mothra, Charge!"
(モスラ、突入 (とつにゅう)!)
November 12, 1997 June 8, 2023
Godzilla Island 029.png
"Heaven and Earth"
( (てん) ()と)
November 13, 1997 June 13, 2023
Godzilla Island 030.png
"Raise the Flag of Victory!"
(勝利 (しょうり) (はた) ()げよ)
November 14, 1997 June 15, 2023


"Son of Godzilla"

The monsters of Godzilla Island have enjoyed a lengthy stretch of peace. Torema, however, is incredibly bored - as she and Lucas discuss, the island offers little for humans or aliens, just a food court and a Chinese restaurant. He encourages her to enjoy nature instead, just as a sudden rustling nearby prompts her to draw her pistol. She calms when she sees that Godzilla Junior is the cause, but mistakes him for her old friend Jigora. He flees at seeing her weapon. Lucas clears up the confusion, with Commander Beisuke Jinguji adding that Junior has until recently been living in the childcare wing of Monster Hospital. She finds Junior again at sundown and apologizes.

"Torema and Junior"

Invigorated by a facial, Zagreth dispatches Megalon to monitor Godzilla Island as the opening move in her next scheme. Torema and Junior watch the sunset, and she shares with him the tragic history of the monsters on her home planet. Godzilla calls Junior away, with Megalon reporting the child's existence to a gleeful Zagreth.

"Junior Kidnapped"

Megalon throws a gigantic net at Junior and flies him to Matango Island, with Zagreth ordering Battra to stand by. The Xilien appears in the G-Guard base via hologram and threatens to kill the young kaiju unless the organization disarms within 48 hours and leaves a white flag flying as it departs Godzilla Island. Jinguji has no plans to do so, instead ordering Lucas to search for Junior's location via satellite. Godzilla begins his own search.

"Operation Rescue Junior"

Lucas finds Junior at a point on Matango Island surrounded by cliffs. Jinguji dramatically announces Operation Rescue Junior, then delegates all of the details to Torema. On Matango Island, Megalon patrols around the cage containing Junior, only for a sleeping gas released by the Panna Torte to knock both monsters unconscious. Unfortunately, Torema's ship struggles to lift the cage, and Lucas reminds her that Megalon will only stay down for half an hour.

"Taking Back Junior"

The Panna Torte finally lifts off with Junior's cage in tow. Godzilla, Rodan, and Anguirus look on as it flies over Godzilla Island. Battra suddenly cuts the line, seizes the cage, and flies back to Matango Island. Torema crashes; Godzilla moves to invade Matango Island.

"The Impregnable Stronghold"

Zagreth scolds Jinguji for trying to save Junior, then unveils the Infrared Auto-Blaster she's installed near the monster's cage. The device can target both monsters and mechas by detecting the heat they emit. After Torema completes her repairs on the Panna Torte, Lucas and Jinguji alert her to Godzilla's solo rescue attempt. Torema warns him away, saying that his atomic breath doesn't have the same reach as the weapon. The Auto-Blaster opens fire.

"The White Flag of Regret"

The Auto-Blaster inflicts massive damage to Godzilla, with all of G-Guard pleading with him to retreat. Rodan finally flies him to safety. Jinguji orders the white flag raised over their base, and Zagreth exults in her victory.

"Mothra, Charge!"

The imago Mothra lands in front of Godzilla and Rodan. Jinguji orders Lucas to evacuate Godzilla Island with the rest of G-Guard as he himself plans to go down fighting. Torema scoffs at his theatrics and asks to borrow MOGUERA for a plan she devised with Mothra. Zagreth toasts her victory, then spits out her drink as she learns that Mothra is flying within range of the Auto-Blaster. She quickly regains her composure, comparing the kaiju to a moth drawn to a flame.

"Heaven and Earth"

Mothra releases her pollen on the Auto-Blaster, disrupting its sensors. Its ray nearly hits Megalon, then ravages the Vabaruda. Godzilla follows behind Mothra, with Rodan intercepting Battra midair. The Auto-Blaster shoots down Battra, leaving it open to a blast from Godzilla. MOGUERA surfaces behind Megalon, taps him on the shoulder, and drops him with a single punch. Its eye lasers open Junior's cage. Enraged, Zagreth unleashes her last resort: Destoroyah.

"Raise the Flag of Victory!"

Destoroyah lands in front of Junior and swats the young monster aside, then shoots Godzilla with a Micro-Oxygen Beam, toppling him. He shrugs off MOGUERA's eye lasers, picks up Junior and throws him, and knocks back Rodan when the kaiju pecks at him from behind. Godzilla fires atomic breath at him, but Destoroyah dodges and tackles him to the ground. Both MOGUERA and Mothra unsuccessfully try to intervene. Smacking his tail against the ground, Godzilla finally manages to toss Destoroyah next to the Auto-Blaster, which fires at him point-blank, setting off a tremendous explosion. On Godzilla Island, Jinguji raises the G-Guard flag in triumph. As they again watch the sunset, Torema tells Junior she's glad she met him and that he's helped dispel her painful memories of home.


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