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Godzilla Island story arcs
Introducing Torema
King Ghidorah
The Trial of Godzilla
King Ghidorah
Godzilla and Rodan battle King Ghidorah
Series Godzilla Island
Episode # 6-15
Directed by Shun Mizutani
Written by Takahiko Masuda
Air date October 13-24, 1997

King Ghidorah (キングギドラ編,   Kingu Gidora-hen) is the second story arc of the 1997 television series Godzilla Island. Written by Takahiko Masuda, it comprises the series' sixth through 15th episodes, which aired from October 13 to 24, 1997.


No. Title card Title
Air date
Television YouTube
Godzilla Island 006.png
"A Sudden Conflict"
(突然 (とつぜん)、大ゲンカ)
October 13, 1997 March 23, 2023
Godzilla Island 007.png
"Mothra's Persuasion"
(モスラの説得 (せっとく))
October 14, 1997 March 28, 2023
Godzilla Island 008.png
"Battle! Torema vs. Zagreth"
(対決 (たいけつ)!トレマvsザグレス)
October 15, 1997 March 30, 2023
Godzilla Island 009.png
"Godzilla Awakens!"
(ゴジラ、覚醒 (かくせい)!)
October 16, 1997 April 4, 2023
Godzilla Island 010.png
"The Cost of Victory"
(勝利 (しょうり)代償 (だいしょう))
October 17, 1997 April 6, 2023
Godzilla Island 011.png
"King Ghidorah's Revenge"
(キングギドラの復讐 (ふくしゅう))
October 20, 1997 April 11, 2023
Godzilla Island 012.png
"A Psychokinetic Last Resort"
(決死 (けっし)のミラクル念力 (ねんりき))
October 21, 1997 April 13, 2023
Godzilla Island 013.png
"Torema's Will"
(トレマの遺言 (ゆいごん))
October 22, 1997 April 18, 2023
Godzilla Island 014.png
"The Unforgivable Zagreth"
( (ゆる)すまじ、ザグレス)
October 23, 1997 April 20, 2023
Godzilla Island 015.png
"Torema Forever"
(トレマよ永遠 (えいえん)に・・・・・・)
October 24, 1997 April 25, 2023


"A Sudden Conflict"

With Godzilla Island having become peaceful after Zagreth's attack, Jinguji is enjoying watching the friendly relations between the monsters while Torema is getting bored. However, their peace is short-lived as the earth shakes and the monsters begin fighting each other. King Caesar grapples with Gorosaurus, Baragon faces off against Anguirus, and Rodan dukes it out with Godzilla. As Jinguji and Torema wonder what's gotten into them, Lucas accuses Torema of being involved, causing her to storm out to her ship. As Torema takes off, however, Zagreth makes her return, having summoned King Ghidorah to attack the island.

"Mothra's Persuasion"

Jinguji and Lucas watch Godzilla and Rodan brawl. Lucas reports that only Mothra is refraining from battle, instead brokering peace between the two kaiju. He offers to translate their speech, although the number of insults Godzilla and Rodan direct at Jinguji cause him to realize that the robot is making it all up. King Ghidorah arrives on the island, spraying Gravity Beams at G-Guard headquarters as Jinguji wonders where Torema is.

"Battle! Torema vs. Zagreth"

Zagreth gloats at her impending victory over Godzilla Island, only to hear from a subordinate that an intruder is approaching the Berserker Wave Tower the Xiliens constructed on the island. She teleports down to the island and is nearly shot by Torema. Zagreth disarms her with her sword; Torema kicks her to the ground and draws twin swords of her own. As they fight, Zagreth taunts Torema with how the tactic of building a secret base previously allowed her to conquer her own planet, then disorients her with poison spit and prepares to strike a fatal blow.

"Godzilla Awakens!"

Before she can impale Torema, Zagreth is distracted by a massive explosion which topples the Berserker Wave Tower, the result of a bomb planted by Torema. She regains her feet and knocks Zagreth's sword away. The Xilien teleports to safety, gloating that she'll be dead soon enough. With the tower disabled, the monsters cease their fighting. Jinguji concludes that Torema fixed the problem somehow as King Ghidorah touches down on the island, then orders Godzilla and Rodan into action against the space monster. Mothra joins them as well.

"The Cost of Victory"

With Rodan carrying him, Godzilla slams into King Ghidorah, and all three tumble into the sea. Godzilla surfaces first, with Lucas declaring him victorious. Torema stumbles into the control room, with Lucas accusing her of conspiring with Zagreth. The Commander catches her as she collapses; noting her high fever, he orders the robot to call a medic. Zagreth fires a Nourishing Akamanda Drink Beam at Ghidorah, who regains consciousness. With Torema out of commission, she's convinced she's won.

"King Ghidorah's Revenge"

G-Guard works on an antidote to Zagreth's poison as King Ghidorah resumes his attack on the island. He trades rays with Godzilla before engaging him in close quarters. Zagreth boasts that the Nourishing Akamanda Drink Beam has made Ghidorah thrice as powerful, and he demonstrates by sending Godzilla flying with a point-blank barrage of Gravity Beams. Jinguji asks Lucas for other options, but he notes that all the other monsters are in the hospital after fighting each other. With Mechagodzilla and MOGUERA also undergoing repairs, Jinguji feels helpless as Ghidorah continues to pummel Godzilla.

"A Psychokinetic Last Resort"

King Ghidorah knocks Godzilla down and seems close to finishing him off. Zagreth, still ill, launches a mental assault on Ghidorah, giving Godzilla an opening to blast him backwards with atomic breath. Zagreth, having already set her eyes on the beauty salon after conquering Earth, is stunned by this development as Torema presses her attack.

"Torema's Will"

After Torema falters, she explains to Jinguchi that the technique she used is Miracle Psychokinesis, which the Torendeirans discovered after eons of warfare against monsters. As it shortened their lifespan, however, they chose to pursue peace instead. Jinguji tries to stop her from using it again, but she is determined, flashing back to a battle against a Godzilla-like monster. She gives Jinguji a video to watch, which she promises will explain why she came to Earth, in the event of her death, then falls unconscious.

"The Unforgivable Zagreth"

G-Guard's cure to Zagreth's poison is successful, though Torema is still knocked out. With Godzilla still battling King Ghidorah, Jinguji watches the video. Torema's narration explains that Zagreth destroyed Planet Torendeiru by using a Berserker Wave on its monsters. An age of peace came to an end as they and King Ghidorah launched an all-out assault, leaving Torema the only survivor of her race. She flew to Earth both to seek vengeance against Zagreth and to meet Godzilla, who reminds her of a monster she befriended on Planet Torendeiru. A saddened Jinguji vows to exact revenge in her place.

"Torema Forever"

Godzilla blasts King Ghidorah with atomic breath and bites one of his necks. Having had enough, King Ghidorah retreats into space, ignoring Zagreth's protests, although Godzilla tries to stop him by biting onto his tail. With Torema near death, Lucas asks what G-Guard will do with her salary; a tearful Jinguji plans to donate it to the monster welfare group Wings of Mothra. In the control room, Jinguji tells himself it's what she would have wanted, only for a suddenly-revived Torema to rebuke him with a sandal to the head, as she's still facing loan payments on her spaceship. He tries to convince her to get some rest as Lucas muses that the talk of money brought her back from the brink.


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  • Stock footage from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster is used throughout the arc.
    • "A Sudden Conflict" uses stock footage of Godzilla and Rodan's fight to help portray how the Berserker Wave Tower is agitating the residents of Godzilla Island.
    • "Mothra's Persuasion" uses the monster conversation sequence for Mothra's attempts at calming Godzilla and Rodan and King Ghidorah's arrival. A single shot from Invasion of Astro-Monster appears in the latter sequence as well.
  • "The Cost of Victory" uses stock footage from Invasion of Astro-Monster to show Godzilla and Rodan tackling King Ghidorah and the three monsters falling into the ocean, as well as stock footage from Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla to show Godzilla surfacing.
  • Torema's laser pistol is a toy of the Decepticon Shockwave in his gun mode.


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