Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar

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Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar
Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar in Godzilla Island
Alternate names Fireman Jet Jaguar
Species Robot
Controlled by G-Guard, Misato Jinguji
Relations G-Guard (Creators)
Allies Godzilla, Torema, Gigan
Enemies Megalon, Destoroyah, Dororin,
Super Special SpaceGodzilla High Grade Type 2
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Island episode 87, "Forest Fire Outbreak!" Godzilla Island episode 198, "Landes' Anger"

Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar (消防ジェットジャガー,   Shōbō Jetto Jagā) is a robot that first appeared in the 1997 Godzilla television series Godzilla Island.


Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar is depicted by a 1993 Bandai Jet Jaguar figure painted completely red, with the exception of its black eyes. When it is not equipped with a fire hose, it carries a matoi on its back.


Godzilla Island

Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar was one of three different Jet Jaguars stationed on Godzilla Island (the others being a completely silver Jet Jaguar and a Medical Jet Jaguar). During the tenth story arc, Beisuke Jinguji deployed it after an artificial sun sent by the Xiliens Zagreth caused Godzilla Island to dry out. As it attempted to extinguish a forest fire, it was attacked by Megalon and Destoroyah, who the Commander had freed from the island's nearby prison to prevent them from suffocating. Godzilla and Torema arrived to combat the two monsters, allowing it to complete its task.

In the sixteenth story arc, Misato Jinguji piloted Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar to help defeat the shape-shifting Dororin. Using a fire hose, she was able to reduce the monster's dirt body to mud, exposing his true form. As he tried to fly away, Gigan finished him off.

In the eighteenth story arc, Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar extinguished King Caesar's temple after it was set ablaze by a possessed Rodan. After Super Special SpaceGodzilla High Grade Type 2 revealed himself and attacked Godzilla, Misato used the mech's extinguishing agent to help project an illusion of an enormous Godzilla. The distraction allowed Godzilla to recover and drive the crystalline kaiju away.


Extinguishing Agent

Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar can emit an extinguishing agent from its mouth.


Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar can be equipped with a fire hose and backpack.


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  • While Godzilla Island features multiple Jet Jaguar units, the only time that multiple Jet Jaguars are seen together occurs in episode 125, where Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar is seen standing next to Medical Jet Jaguar.
  • Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar has received multiple figures, with the first not being made until a decade after Godzilla Island ceased airing. The first was part of Bandai's Movie Monster Series which was sold exclusively through the magazine Hyper Hobby in 2007, while two others were released by Mondo in 2022, and Super7 in 2023.


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