Gravity Goliath

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Gravity Goliath
Alternate names Gravity-Manipulating Moon Colossus[1]
Species Moon Alien
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 21, "Moonlode"

The Gravity Goliath (重力を操る月巨人,   Jūryoku o Ayatsuru Tsuki Kyojin, lit. Gravity-Manipulating Moon Colossus) is a moon kaiju created by Hanna-Barbera that appeared in the 1979 Godzilla episode, "Moonlode."


A lunar eclipse causes a violent moonquake and releases the Gravity Goliath. Launched off the moon by the force of the moonquake, it lands on the Earth in the Pacific Ocean. The Gravity Goliath, as Brock calls it, creates a giant whirlpool that imperils the Calico and its crew.

Responding to the crew's summoning, Godzilla battles the moon monster and ultimately hurls the creature into a tractor beam emanating from the moon, sending it back where it came from.


Crater beams

The Gravity Goliath can fire beams from all the craters on its body. These beams are strong enough to hold back other monsters.

Attracting beam

The Gravity Goliath can emit a beam from his entire body that will attracts objects to him.

Moonlight absorption

The Gravity Goliath can gain even more power from the moon.


The Gravity Goliath is weakened if it is not exposed to the moon's reflective rays.



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