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The Maneater in All Monsters Attack
Alternate names Man-Eating Plant, Man-Eating Plant of Dream Monster Island
Species Imaginary Plant
Enemies Ichiro Miki
Created by Ishiro Honda
First appearance All Monsters Attack

The Maneater (人喰い植物,   Hitokui Shokubutsu, lit. "Man-Eating Plant") is a humanoid plant kaiju that appeared in the 1969 Godzilla film All Monsters Attack.


The Maneater's Japanese name, Hitokui Shokubutsu, literally translates to "man-eating plant," referencing how it grabbed Ichiro Miki and tried to eat him. A 2008 Cast ornament of the creature gives it the longer name of Man-Eating Plant of Dream Monster Island (夢の怪獣島の人食い植物,   Yume no Kaijū-tō no Hitokui Shokubutsu).[1]


The Maneater appears to be a humanoid plant, having the same body shape of a human and having arms and legs. Unlike humans, however, the Maneater's body is dark green, and its appendages end in leaves, letting it blend with the jungle environment of Monster Island.


The Maneater doesn't have a true personality, though it seems to instinctively grab prey that walks in front of it and try to eat them.


The Maneater, like Gabara, likely does not exist outside of Ichiro's dreams, and is a parallel to one of his real-life problems. In the Maneater's case, it is the robbers kidnapping him.


Showa era

All Monsters Attack

The Maneater appears when Ichiro Miki walks in front of it, distracted by watching Minilla trying to fire atomic breath in front of Godzilla but failing. The Maneater sneakily grabs Ichiro, puts him up to his body, and covers his mouth so he can't talk. Ichiro then wakes up from his dream and realizes that he was being kidnapped by the robbers who were hiding out on the same place he was in.


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