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A pair of Apceros in Monster Hunter.
Species Ankylosaur-like herbivores
Height 3 meters[1][2]
Allies Other Apceros
Enemies Greater Rathalos
First appearance Monster Hunter

Apceros  (アプケロス,   Apukerosu) are dinosaurian monsters featured in the 2020 film Monster Hunter. They are based on the monster species of the same name from Capcom’s Monster Hunter video game franchise.


Apceros heavily resemble ankylosaurs, possessing armored bodies and clubbed tails. Unlike Ankylosaurs, they possess a shell that appears closer to tortoise shells, with spurs emerging from the shell's hindquarters. Their tail clubs are spiked, giving them a superficial resemblance to the tail club of the prehistoric armadillo Doedicurus. A small armored crest sprouts from their head, giving them a slightly ceratopsian appearance.

Selected history

Reiwa era

Monster Hunter

Continuing their trek across the desert to reach the Sky Tower, Artemis and The Hunter came across an oasis with a herd of Apceros drinking at the nearby watering hole. The Hunter explained to Artemis that they are herbivores, not hostile to humans.

That night, after a surprise attack from a Cephalos, which the duo cooked and ate, a Rathalos raided the oasis, lighting an individual Apceros on fire and leading the herd into a panicked stampede straight through the campsite. The ensuing stampede left Artemis and the Hunter separated. However, The Admiral leapt down from the treetops above to deter the creatures by swinging his energized switch axe down and causing a ripple of flames that separated the herd. Artemis followed suit, energizing her dual blades to ward the creatures away from them.

The Hunter, caught in the stampede, came across a cliff with sharp pointed rock formations at the bottom. The Handler swung in using her slinger to rescue him as the herd plummeted to their demise. The slinger gave way under the weight of them both, causing the two to swing back into the path of the remaining Apceros. The Hunter, in an attempt to keep himself and The Handler from falling, tread on the shells of the creatures, just as Aiden and Lea arrived to rescue the two. Artemis and The Admiral warded off the last remaining numbers of the stampede. Sometime after the stampede, remaining members or possibly another herd could be seen drinking once more at the oasis while Artemis and the group of hunters set out for the Sky Tower.


Physical capabilities

During the stampede, an Apceros displayed immense physical strength, being able to plow through a palm tree with ease.


Apceros are highly adverse to fire. Upon being blasted by fire, it caused the herd to stampede. However, fire emitting from Artemis and the Admiral's weapons was able to ward them off.


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