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Image gallery for Spideros

Spideros in Zone Fighter
Subtitle(s) Spider-Type Terror-Beast
(蜘型恐獣,   Kumogata Kyōjū)
Height 70 meters[1]
Weight 73,000 metric tons[1]
Allies Garoborg
Enemies Zone Fighter, Godzilla
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 9, "Search for the Secret of the Red Spider!"
Latest appearance Zone Fighter episode 25, "Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. the Allied Terror-Beast Forces!"

Spideros (スパイダウロス,   Supaidaurosu) is a spider kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the episode 9 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju show Zone Fighter, titled "Search for the Secret of the Red Spider!"


Zone Fighter

"Search for the Secret of the Red Spider!"

After the Garoga Spider drinks blood from a gorilla, transforming it into Garoga Gorilla, the Garogas launch a Terror-Beast missile, containing the arachnid kaiju Spideros. Spideros didn't seem like much of a threat at first but it managed to trap Zone Fighter in its web-spray. Zone Angel and Zone Junior arrived in the nick of time and burned the webbing away with their beams and recharged Zone Fighter with the Beam Lamps. Zone Fighter then went on to defeat Spideros reasonably easily.

"The Terror-Beast Base: Invade the Earth!"

Spideros briefly appears via flashback as the Garogas contemplate the many defeats they have suffered at the hands of Zone Fighter, exploding as he is hit by an unseen attack. Strangely, this Spideros has only two arms and blue stripes.

"Carnage! Zone & Godzilla vs. the Allied Terror-Beast Forces!"

A second Spideros would return and fight Zone Fighter and Godzilla along with fellow Terro-Beast Garoborg before he was finished off by Godzilla once and for all.



Spideros can fire webbing from its mouth, which was quickly able to immobilize Zone Fighter. However, it was completely dissolved by beams fired by Zone Angel and Zone Junior.


Spideros is capable of gliding flight. Its means of propulsion are unknown.


Spideros can fire a trio of red lasers from its mouth which knocked Hikaru off his feet but otherwise left him unharmed.


Spideros reuses roars from the Return of Ultraman kaiju, Ghostron.


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