Hotaru Sakimori / Zone Angel

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Hotaru Sakimori / Zone Angel
Zone Angel in Zone Fighter
Hotaru Sakimori in Zone Fighter
Species Peacelandian
Relations Hikaru Sakimori (brother),
Akira Sakimori (brother),
Yoichiro Sakimori (father),
Tsukiko Sakimori (mother),
Raita Sakimori (grandfather)
Allies Hikaru Sakimori, Akira Sakimori,
Yoichiro Sakimori, Tsukiko Sakimori, Raita Sakimori, Takeru Jo, Godzilla
Enemies Garogas, Terror-Beasts
Played by Kazumi Kitahara
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 1,
"Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!"
Latest appearance Zone Fighter episode 26,
"Pulverize! The Garoga Gamma-X Strategy"

Zone Angel (ゾーンエンジェル,   Zōn Enjeru), real name Hotaru Sakimori (防人 螢,   Sakimori Hotaru), is a superheroine who appears in the 1973 Toho tokusatsu kaiju series Zone Fighter.


When transformed in to Zone Angel, Hotaru Sakimori wears a full suit of deep pink material (often appearing red), which is covered with a silver chest piece decorated with red stars connected by stripes. On her left arm, Hotaru wears a patch which is decorated with 3 golden stars and reads "SS ZONE". She also wears a silver belt with a red, yellow, and blue buckle and a holster attached. Similar to her brothers, Hotaru wears multi-colored boots, however instead of being green on the outside and red on the inside, hers are blue on the outside and red on the inside. Also in a similar fashion to her siblings, she wears a silver headpiece which has an antennae protruding from its frontal center. She also wears a pink veil, which according to early promotional images was initially intended to be green and yellow.[1]


Zone Fighter

Hotaru Sakimori is the lone daughter of the Zone Family, a survivor of the destruction of her home planet Peaceland, along side her brothers Hikaru and Akira, her father, her mother, and her grandfather. Her and her family escaped to Earth, but as luck has it, the planet was destroyed by an evil race of aliens known as Garoga who had then shifted their focus to Earth. Arriving on Earth and calling it their new home, the Zones took on a new name: the Sakimoris. However, with the Garogas arriving to the planet's orbit in their satellite, the evil race deployed three spies to eliminate the family. Eventually cornering the family in their newly established Earth hideout, Hotaru and her brothers transformed into Angel, Fighter, and Junior to do battle with the captors. Anticipating their demise, the Garogas frantically amalgamated into a giant monster known as Red Spark, the first in a series of Garoga-controlled monsters known only as Terror-Beasts. Hikaru Sakimori, the eldest brother of the family, uses his unique ability to rapidly increase in height and become Zone Fighter. Hikaru then battles the monster and destroys it, causing the Garoga to retaliate by deploying another Terror-Beast: the magnetic beast Jikiro. Working in conjunction with Hotaru and the rest of the family, Zone Fighter was able to also destroy Jikiro, leaving the Garogas with no choice but to admit their defeat. This does not stop the aliens for long however, as they continue to unleash destructive beasts on the Earth for months to come, with the Zone Family banding together to fight off the sinister race and protect their new home planet whilst also trying to live out their new lives as Earthlings.


Physical abilities

Hotaru Sakimori is a skilled fighter is able to easily brush off Garoga along with her siblings.


Hotaru Sakimori can transform into the superheroine Zone Angel.


When her and younger brother Akira are transformed into Zone Angel and Zone Junior, they are able to call upon a spacecraft known as Smokey which resides in a cloud when not in use. When Zone Fighter's energy is dangerously low, the pair can operate an emergency battery on-board Smokey which will recharge him.

Maser Shot

Like her brothers, she possesses a laser pistol called the Maser Shot. The weapon was capable of harming Destro-King.


Zone Angel possess an advanced communications device called a Zobot which appears on her belt when she transform. Its capabilities extend to allowing her to summon in Godzilla for assistance in the event Zone Fighter is overwhelmed or is fighting two kaiju.


Zone Angel, like other members of the Zone Family, draws proton power from the Sun; in "Attack King Ghidorah!", she and Zone Junior were unable to recharge Zone Fighter's Zone Marker due to King Ghidorah blocking out the sun.


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  • Originally, when the series was in development under the working title Toho Monster TV Film Project: Zone The Meteor Man, Hotaru was to have a giant form similar to her brother Hikaru / Zone Fighter, complete with Missile Might wrist weapons not unlike his own. Had this concept been followed through with, Zone Angel would have been the first giant heroine in tokusatsu history, possibly beating out *Mother of Ultra by mere days.[2]


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