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Ran Saotome/Sazer Visuel
Sazer Visuel in The Gransazers
Alternate names Sazer-Visuel
Species Human
Forms Ran Saotome,
Sazer Visuel
Relations Earth Tribe
Allies Flame Tribe, Wind Tribe, Earth Tribe, Water Tribe, Professor Horiguchi, Atsushi Misonogi, Soichiro Okita, Luka
Enemies All The Gransazers kaiju
Played by Sayaka Isoyama
First appearance Latest appearance
The Gransazers Episode 5: The Burning Police Spirit The Gransazers: Super Battle Memory
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Sazer Visuel (セイザーヴィジュエル,   Seizā Visjiyueru), real name Ran Saotome (早乙女蘭,   Saotome Ran) is a earth-based Gransazer created by Toho who first appeared in episode 5 of the 2003 tokusatsu kaiju series, The Gransazers titled "The Burning Police Spirit".


Sazer Visuel is an earth warrior under the sign of Virgo and wears orange colored armor shaped after a leopardess.[1]


The Gransazers

Ran Saotome is a young quirky college student who met the Sazers when her childhood friend was accused of a crime which Gou Kamaiya & his policeman partner Nanami were investigating. At first she was abducted by Karin & the Wind Tribe to be their ally, but she eventually fled. In order to protect Gou from a trigger-happy criminal, she transformed into Sazer Visuel. Despite her seemingly carefree nature, she can be very serious & devoted & can tap into the Crystal Slab, eventually revealing the full story behind the Ancient War. When Warp Monarch begins its final assault, Ran originally fell for the deception that she was a descendant of the Bosquito, but it was later found out that she is the Communicator & thus can communicate with the Warp Monarch itself for Earth's sake.

The Gransazers: Super Battle Memory


Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie

Ran Saotome reprises her role as Sazer Visuel to assist her fellow Sazers, the Justirisers, and Sazer X.


Knuckle Riser

Sazer Visuel, like all Gransazers, owns a Knuckle Riser which transforms her.

Lady Claw

Sazer Visuel possesses a pair of long, sharp claws that are attached to her hands called the Lady Claw which can be used to perform the Night Scratch attack which is a powerful claw slash.[1]


Sazer Visuel shares ownership with the other Earth Tribe members over the Guncaesar.


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