"The Burning Police Spirit"

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The Gransazers episodes
"The Earth's Warrior"
"The Burning Police Spirit"
"Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth"
"The Burning Police Spirit"
The Burning Police Spirit
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 5
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date November 1, 2003
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"The Burning Police Spirit" ( ()えろ!警官 (けいかん) (だましい),   Moero! Keikan Damashī, lit. "Burn! Policeman's Spirit") is the fifth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on November 1, 2003.


Following the armed robbery of a bank three days earlier suspected to have been perpetrated by dancer Junya Akaki, his dance partner Ran Saotome is put into the back of a cop car to be brought in for questioning. As a panicked Saotome attempts to flee the car, a purple meteorite-like object strikes and destroys it, but Saotome is levitated safely off the highway. Karin Saeki watches menacingly from nearby.

At Professor Horiguchi's lab, a sleeping Horiguchi is awoken by a phone call from Misonogi, who informs him of the incident on the highway. At Josai Police Station, Officers Narumi and Kamiya set off in search of the missing Saotome. After splitting up, Narumi runs into Saotome, but is knocked unconscious by Akaki who urges Saotome to run. Before they can escape, however, they are found by Kamiya. Naotome flees, but Akaki grabs Narumi's gun and begins a shootout with Kamiya. Tenma Kudo and Mika Shido, who were riding on Kudo's motorcycle, stop at the sound of the gunshots; Mika's hand begins to glow, indicating that another Gransazer is in the area. Naotome emerges from the woods and Mika chases after her, while Kudo investigates the gunshots. As Kamiya ducks behind a bush, a symbol appears on his hand and he is struck with a beam of light from the sky that transforms him into Sazer Tragos. Now impervious to Akaki's bullets, he throws the man to the ground, but is stopped by Kudo before he can finish him off. Kudo attempts to reason with Tragos to no avail, and transforms into Sazer Tarious. The two fight for a time, allowing Akaki to escape in the process, but Tragos is bested.

Mika trails Saotome to a pier. Saotome ducks behind a barrel, but Mika observes the woman's hand glow, confirming her to be a Gransazer. Suddenly, Karin appears before Saotome, informing her that she was the one who rescued her from the patrol car, and assuring her that she is her ally. Mika reveals herself and attempts to stop Karin, but she runs into a forcefield and is knocked unconscious. Rattled by the sight, Naotome flees once more. Kudo brings Kamiya to Horiguchi's lab, where the professor explains to Kamiya his powers and new role as a Gransazer. Kamiya tells the professor that he isn't ready to save the world, as he needs to capture Akaki first. Kamiya sets off, but assures Kudo that he won't go berserk again. Mika returns to the lab, informing the group about Naotome's powers and what she had learned of Karin.

At an abandoned warehouse, Akaki speaks over the phone with Naotome, who suggests that he turn himself in. Naotome suddenly hears Akaki groan in pain, and the phone is picked up by an unfamiliar voice who tells her not to get involved. On the other end, a man in a purple suit had stepped on Akaki's leg, and demands a key be returned to him. After Akaki produces the key, the man leaves, but not before threatening Naotome's life if Akaki attempts to flee. Naotome is then confronted by Karin, who brings her back to her lab. There, Karin informs her of her powers as a Gransazer. Ryoko demands to know if Naotome will be their ally, to which she responds that she doesn't mind, but needs help with saving Akaki. Kamiya visits Officer Narumi in the hospital, reporting that new evidence had surfaced in the robbery case which revealed that the real perpetrator was Akaki's coworker Naito Ryuji, and Akaki had simply been threatened into becoming the getaway driver. Meanwhile, Naotome informs Jin Hakariya of Akaki's whereabouts, and he agrees to help. Kamiya arrives at the warehouse where Akaki was hiding and chases him down, but is nearly run over by Hakariya in his sports car. Kamiya and Hakariya assume their Sazer forms and engage in battle, but Tragos is knocked away by Dail's Whirlwind Break. Kudo and Mika arrive on the scene and continue to fight off Dail in their own Sazer forms. Tragos soon rejoins the battle, summoning his Spiral Horn and driving Dail away with Penetrate Thunder.

At Horiguchi's lab, Mika asks Ken where the professor is, to which he responds that he had went alone to find the Earth Tribe's Ultra Star God. While metal detecting in the middle of a desert, Horiguchi is approached by Naoto Matsuzaka, who asks him if the other Earth Warriors have been assembled yet. Horiguchi tells Matsuzaka about Tragos, but that he is unsure of the whereabouts of the third warrior. Matsuzaka then turns and heads off into the desert.


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