"The End of the World is Coming!"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Prepare for the Big Battle"
"The End of the World is Coming!"
"The Unification of the Ultra Star Gods"
"The End of the World is Coming!"
The End of the World is Coming!
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 21
Directed by Tsutomu Kashima
Written by Kenji Konuta
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date February 28, 2004
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"The End of the World is Coming!" ( (せま)る!地球 (ちきゅう)最後 (さいご) (),   Semaru! Chikyū Saigo no Hi, lit. "It's Coming! Earth's Final Day") is the 21st episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Tsutomu Kashima and written by Kenji Konuta, it aired on February 28, 2004.


At a JSDF facility, Atsushi Misonogi gets off of a phone call from the United States, who arrange to have a satellite missile fired at Guntras before it can leave Earth's orbit. Misonogi reminds Professor Horiguchi of the devastation that Guntras' launch into the Sun would entail, but assures him that the Guntroller's signal will continue to be interrupted by the magnetic storm for another eight hours. At Kyonan University Hospital, Akira Dentsuin informs the other Sazers that because Impactor Lucia is inhuman, Earth's known medicine would not be able to treat her. Meanwhile, the magnetic storm dissipates hours before expected, and Logia manages to connect to Guntras to begin its voyage toward the Sun. Tenma Kudo begins to run out of the hospital, determined to use Garuda to catch up with Guntras, but he is stopped by Horiguchi and Mika Shido. Horiguchi tells him that it's too late to fly after Guntras, and instead presents him with a repaired Wave Catcher to track down the Guntroller. Horiguchi and group of the Sazers head off, but Ai Uozumi stays behind with Lucia, convinced that Logia will come back for her. As Horiguchi and the others trace the Guntroller signal to a forest, Lucia awakens and is informed of her condition by Uozumi. Lucia requests that Uozumi give her a vial of medicine that was with her belongings, but Dentsuin stops her and determines that is in fact poison; Lucia mutters that she would rather die than be a prisoner. In the forest, Kudo and Horiguchi come upon the source of the Wave Catcher's readings: a decoy set by Logia, which draws an ambush of Gigfighters to their location. Shido, Ran Saotome, and Kudo transform into Sazers Mithras, Visuel, and Tarious, respectively, and begin to fight off the attackers. At the same time, Logia appears on the roof of the hospital and demands he be given Lucia. He refuses Dentsuin's request to trade her for the Guntroller, and assumes his battle form. Logia attempts to shoot Uozumi, but Dentsuin transforms into Sazer Remls and blocks the shot. Lucia then stumbles onto the roof, and collapses in Logia's arms.

Uozumi and Ken Shido transform into Sazers Pisces and Lion, and take Lucia to safety as Remls continues battling Logia; in the forest, Visuel sets off a trap and becomes restrained by wire, and Tarious sets off another, causing an explosion. Logia pummels Remls and blasts Ken and Uozumi out of their Sazer forms. However, they are rescued by a charred Kudo, who retransforms into Sazer Tarious. Tarious runs headfirst into Logia, kicking the Guntroller free from his belt and leaping after it. As he soars through the air, Kudo hears a mysterious voice which thanks him for setting it free. Wielding the Guntroller, Tarious calls Guntras back to Earth. Tarious is again attacked by Logia, who attempts to shoot him, but hits the Guntroller instead. Guntras, which touches down nearby, powers down due to the Guntroller's destruction. As Tarious continues to battle with Logia, he is joined by Sazers Tawlon, Tragos, Gans, and Dail, the combined attacks of whom weaken the Impactor. The Sazers prepare to finish him off, but are stopped by Uozumi, who pleads with them to allow the Impactors to return to their planet peacefully. Logia refuses, however, and swears that he will one day defeat them all, before disappearing. Cloud Dragon appears overhead and begins to encircle Guntras; the four elemental Ultra Star Gods fire beams on Guntras which encapsulate it in energy, and Cloud Dragon raises it into the air. As the Sazers look on, Guntras is carried into space on Cloud Dragon's back, united with the other Star Gods at last.


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