"Move! Dorcrus"

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The Gransazers episodes
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"Move! Dorcrus"
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"Move! Dorcrus"
Move! Dorcrus
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 2
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date October 11, 2003
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"Move! Dorcrus" (発動 (はつどう)!ドルクルス,   Hatsudō! Dorukurusu) is the second episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Hideki Sonoda, it aired on October 11, 2003.


On the roof of a hospital, Dr. Akira Dentsuin, the man who had attacked the dig site at Mount Kabuto, speaks to his accomplice Karin Saeki by telephone. Dentsuin requests that the fate of Tenma Kudo be left to him, believing that the man could be swayed to join their cause. He then summons his Knuckle-Riser and transforms into Sazer Remls before hopping away across the rooftops.

Ken Shido tracks down Kudo's apartment and catches him as he is leaving for work, pleading with him to visit Mika and Professor Horiguchi at the dig site. Kudo runs away and ducks into an abandoned building to lose Ken, but is nearly shot by Sazer Remls as he is leaving. Remls attempts to coerce Kudo into joining him, but is denied; Kudo tries to escape down an alleyway, but is stopped by Ryoko Amemiya. Kudo attempts to restrain Ryoko, but Remls blinds him with a dust cloud, and he is kicked to the ground. Ryoko declares that if he will not join them then he is their enemy, and transforms into Sazer Velsou. She chases Kudo back into the building and throws a Sel Cross—a discus weapon—at him, but misses; a second heads straight toward him, but is deflected by Mika, who arrives in her Sazer Mithras form. Mithras battles with Velsou but is restrained by her Velsou Illusion. As Remls prepares to shoot Mithras with his Final Judgment, Kudo tries to knock his gun away with a rock, but the blast still manages to glance Mithras, sending her flying and reverting her to her human form. Enraged, Kudo transforms into Sazer Tarious and bests Remls, causing him to flee. Unwilling to retreat, Velsou throws her Sel Crosses at Tarious, but he dodges them; Ken, who was watching nearby, suggests that Kudo utilize his Knuckle-Riser, which he uses to summon the Falcon Bow. Driving Velsou away with his Burning Falcon attack, Kudo returns to human form and rushes to Mika's aid. Mika awakens, assuring Ken and Kudo that she is okay, and urges Kudo to see Horiguchi at the dig site for answers.

There, Kudo meets with Horiguchi, who shows him a crystalline tablet. Horiguchi tells Kudo to touch the object, which activates a hologram recording of the war against ancient humanity. Horiguchi tells Kudo of the Ultra Star Gods and their creators' demise at the hands of an alien alliance. He goes on to explain that the Gransazers are elemental warriors appointed by the ancient civilization to defend humanity from crisis; when three Sazers of similar elemental types are gathered, they form a Tribe, who can then activate one of the Ultra Star Gods. Horiguchi begs that Kudo, a Fire Warrior like Mika, lend them his power, but Kudo declines and storms out of the tent. Mika attempts to change his mind, but Kudo tells her that he wishes to be in control of his own destiny.

At Karin's laboratory, Ryoko and Akira bicker over their lost battle, but are interrupted by an unfamiliar man. Karin introduces him as Jin Hakariya, a Wind Warrior like them. With the three of them gathered, Karin urges them to activate the Ultra Star God Dorcrus who is dormant at Mount Kabuto. At the dig site, the Wind Tribe combine their powers to fire a beam on Dorcrus, activating him. Kudo, who felt a quake from the dig site, returns on his motorcycle. Sazer Remls transports himself into Dorcrus' cockpit and begins firing on Kudo and the others. Joining forces, Kudo and Mika assume their Sazer forms, but Remls continues to rain lightning down upon them as they flee in desperation.


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  • Shunsaku Kudo is credited as Atsushi Misonogi in the opening credits, despite not appearing in the episode.
  • In this episode's English dub, Dorcrus' name is pronounced "Dolcross," including in the episode title. This was eventually corrected to Dorcrus in later episodes.


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