"Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth"

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The Gransazers episodes
"The Burning Police Spirit"
"Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth"
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"Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth"
Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 6
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date November 8, 2003
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"Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth" (激突 (げきとつ) (かぜ) (ほのお)大地 (だいち),   Gekitotsu! Kaze to Honō to Daichi) is the sixth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on November 8, 2003.


At Karin Saeki's laboratory, the Wind Tribe express concern over the Fire Tribe's alliance with Sazers Tawlon and Tragos, but Karin assures them that the Earth Tribe's Ultra Star God will not budge so long as Ran Saotome is here. However, Saotome yells at Jin over his failure to hold up his end of their bargain, and storms out of the building. Meanwhile, Tenma Kudo visits Officer Kamiya at the police station and informs him that Saotome, whom he had been trying to catch, was a Gransazer, and may even be an Earth Warrior like himself. Kamiya receives a phone call from Junya Akaki, who seeks to turn himself into the police but isn't in a state to walk. He goes on to say that his accomplice in the bank robbery, Ryuji Naito, is looking for Akaki's car where the stolen money is being kept. As Akaki hangs up, Naito appears and threatens him at gunpoint. Akaki's cellphone, which Naito had previously stolen, begins to ring and Naito answers it to Saotome. While asking for Junya's whereabouts, she unknowingly gives Naito the location of his car. Akaki attempts to stop Saito from leaving, but Saito kicks him to the ground and flees. Kudo and Kamiya arrive at Akaki's location moments later, and he pleads with them to protect Ran at the abandoned car lot where his car is hidden. Kamiya leaves Kudo to take care of Akaki and sprints to the car lot, where he locates Saotome and tells her of the situation with Akaki.

Kamiya and Saotome are suddenly met with gunfire from Naito and duck behind a junked car. Naito shoots the bumper off of another car that is suspended above them, landing on Kamiya and pinning him against the car. Unable to transform, Kamiya faces down the barrel of Naito's gun, but Saotome runs out in front of him. Her hand begins to glow, and a light shines upon her, transforming her into Sazer Visuel. Visuel knocks Naito unconscious before helping Kamiya out from under the debris. Kudo arrives on the scene and introduces himself to Saotome as a fellow Gransazer, assuring her that he and Kamiya are her allies. A distance away, Jin watches the group from his sports car before driving away. Kamiya reports to Officer Narumi in the hospital, then meets with Kudo and Naotome in the hallway. Mika and Ken arrive at the hospital and inform Kamiya and Naotome that Professor Horiguchi has requested their presence at the Lion King sand dunes. Meanwhile, Karin warns the Wind Tribe that the Earth Tribe are in motion, and orders the use of Ultra Star God Dorcrus.

Kudo and the others meet with the professor in the desert, but he admits that he isn't sure of Matsuzaka's position. Dorcrus appears in the sky and begins firing on the group before assuming its Warrior Mode. The Fire and Earth Warriors transform into their Sazer forms and split up: Tragos and Visuel taking Horiguchi to safety, and Tarious, Mithras and Lion summoning Ultra Star God Garuda. Garuda touches down in its Warrior Mode and is boarded by Tarious, who confronts Dorcrus. Garuda uses its Firebird Crash to gain the upper hand, but Sazer Remls turns the tide of battle by shifting Dorcrus into Remls Mode, giving it an Iron Gale cannon on its forehead. On the ground, Tragos and Visuel are confronted by Sazers Velsou and Dail; Horiguchi flees, but bumps into Matsuzaka and convinces him to join the other Earth Warriors in awakening their Ultra Star God. Transforming into Sazer Tawlon, Matsuzaka and his companions merge the power of their Knuckle-Risers, summoning Ultra Star God Guncaeser. Tawlon pilots Guncaeser into battle, pelting Dorcrus with blasts from its twin cannons. Guncaeser shifts into its Warrior Mode, but Garuda manages to finish Dorcrus off first. Remls orders the Wind Tribe's retreat, and flies away in Dorcrus.

Though Kudo returns to the ground, Matsuzaka is nowhere to be found. Horiguchi revels in the Earth Tribe's formation, but Kamiya and Naotome complain that they haven't even spoken with their final member. Mika respons that she knows they'll get along one day.


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