"The Ultimate Enemy! Guntras"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Crisis! The Plan to Exterminate Humanity"
"The Ultimate Enemy! Guntras"
"Go! Guncaeser"
"The Ultimate Enemy! Guntras"
The Ultimate Enemy! Guntras
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 18
Directed by Kenji Suzuki
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date February 7, 2004
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"The Ultimate Enemy! Guntras" (最強 (さいきょう) (てき)!ガントラス,   Saikyō no Teki! Gantorasu) is the 18th episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kenji Suzuki and written by Hideki Sonoda, it aired on February 2, 2004.


As the Impactors marvel at Guntras, Tenma Kudo orders Ai Uozumi to get Professor Wakui to the hospital. She finds him limping away from the laboratory and brings him to Makoto Sorimachi and Tappei Mikami, who pull up in their car. As Mikami drives them to the hospital, Sorimachi transforms into Sazer Gorbion and joins Kudo. Gorbion summons his Blast Saw and launches an Aqua Slasher at Guntras, but it has no effect. Impactor Logia retaliates by blasting the Sazers with Guntras' forehead laser, but the mech begins to malfunction soon after. In the car, Wakui gives Uozumi a computer chip before losing consciousness. After the Impactors flee, Mika Shido finds Kudo and Sorimachi standing before the deactivated Guntras. In a forest, Logia concludes that Wakui loaded the Guntroller with a decoy chip, and tasks Lucia with retrieving the real one. At the Kyonan University Hospital, Uozumi pleads with Dr. Akira Dentsuin to save Wakui as he is wheeled through the halls. Sometime later, Dentsuin informs Uozumi that the Professor's condition is stable. After yet more time, Wakui awakens and apologizes to Uozumi for making her worry; as he prepares to tell her something, he is cut off by the approach of a looming figure. Meanwhile, Kudo, Sorimachi, and Shido search for the Impactors in the forest, and spot Logia taunting them by teleporting around the trees. When Kudo and Sorimachi run after him, he teleports behind Shido and begins fighting her. On the roof of the hospital, Lucia interrogates Wakui about the whereabouts of the Guntroller's chip. They are found by Uozumi, who produces the chip Wakui had given her on their car ride, and agrees to trade it for Wakui's life. As Lucia flees and informs Logia of her success, Wakui begs Uozumi to seize the Guntroller from the Impactors.

Having assumed his battle form, Logia holds his own in battle against Sazers Tarious, Mithras, and Gorbion. Eventually, Logia is joined by Lucia, who gives him the chip for the Guntroller. The reawakened Guntras begins raining fire down upon the Sazers, but they are soon joined by Sazer Lion. With the Fire Tribe united, they summon the Ultra Star God Garuda, which Tarious boards and transforms into Tarious Mode. Garuda grapples with Guntras, but it lifts Garuda into the air with its jets and throws it to the ground. Sazers Pisces and Gans also join the fray, and the Water Tribe summon Leviathan. Piloting Leviathan, Gorbion asks that Tarious fight by his side, and the two launch a combined attack against Guntras. This proves ineffective, however, as Guntras easily floors Garuda and knocks Leviathan into a mountain with a series of shockwaves. The Star Gods regain their footing and perform their finishing moves, but an unfazed Guntras knocks them down once more with its Twin Crusher fists. With the mechs in ruin, Guntras flies away victorious. Later, at the hospital, Uozumi visits a recovering Wakui, who reveals that he is in fact Uozumi's father. As Wakui consoles Uozumi, Kudo silently drops off the teddy bear she'd left at the pier.


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