"Tremble! Karin's Real Shape"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Descend! Dragon from the Sky"
"Tremble! Karin's Real Shape"
"Achelon Captures the Earth"
"Tremble! Karin's Real Shape"
Tremble! Karin's Real Shape
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 9
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date November 29, 2003
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"Tremble! Karin's Real Shape" (戦慄 (せんりつ)!カリンの正体 (しょうたい),   Senritsu! Karin no Shōtai) is the ninth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on November 29, 2003.


Misonogi shows Professor Horiguchi a photograph taken by a NASA satellite which seems to show the dragon that had abducted Garuda floating just outside Earth's atmosphere. According to Misonogi, rumors had circulated within NASA that a dragon lives in Earth's orbit, with some believing it to be a UFO. However, Horiguchi deduces its true identity as another remnant of the ancient civilization that birthed the Ultra Star Gods: the Ultra Star Carrier Cloud Dragon, a mothership and repair station to the Ultra Star Gods. Back at his lab, Horiguchi explains his findings to Tenma Kudo and Mika Shido, adding that the Cloud Dragon had been watching over the Earth for millions of years, waiting for the Gransazers to awaken. Meanwhile, Ken trains in the forest, blaming himself for Garuda's defeat. Ran Saotome offers him a lunch box, but he refuses the meal to continue training. Elsewhere, Ryoko Amemiya walks along a sidewalk carrying a suitcase of her belongings. Jin Hakariya pulls up to her in his car, then catches up to her on foot. He tells her she can't leave, as Karin Saeki is planning a meeting with them, but she retorts that she will never return to Karin. Hakariya continues to follow Ryoko into a parking garage, and they are tailed by a spy of Misonogi's. The two are then surrounded by Karin and Akira Dentsuin, who bring them to a secret base. There, Ryoko argues with Karin over her true intentions, believing that the Fire Tribe are telling the truth. Ryoko turns to Dentsuin to back her up, but he swears his allegiance to Karin. Karin prevents Ryoko's attempt to leave, prompting her to summon her Knuckle-Riser, but she is interrupted when the room is stormed by armed soldiers. Dentsuin attempts to transform, but he is gunned down; Karin responds by knocking the soldiers away with a blast of energy from her necklace.

Ryoko and Hakariya transform and flee the room, but are met with more soldiers in the hallway. Ryoko deals with them using her Velsou Illusion, and the Sazers escape. Horiguchi receives a phone call from Misonogi, who tells him that there is an emergency and to meet him at Karasumori Laboratory. Horiguchi arrives at the lab, which is in fact the Wind Tribe base that had been raided earlier that day. Misonogi reveals that he is the Chief of Special Operations of the Ministry of Defense, and had sent Special Forces after Karin. He continues to explain that he had been using defense funds to sponsor Horiguchi's research in the pursuit of using the power of the Gransazers as a tool for national security. Horiguchi tells Misonogi that he wants nothing more to do with him and attempts to leave the room, but is held at gunpoint by one of Misonogi's men. Meanwhile in a secluded hideout, Karin bandages Dentsuin's arm after he had removed a bullet from it. Dentsuin continues to pledge himself to Karin, but she soon uses her necklace to daze him, and convinces him to go to sleep. Misonogi arrives at Horiguchi's lab and tells Kudo and the others that the Wind Tribe had split, purporting that Horiguchi was taken.

Kudo, Mika and Ken launch a search for Horiguchi with the help of Officer Go Kamiya. The hospital Dentsuin works at turns up empty, but Kamiya finds Hakariya's car parked in lower Josai. Kamiya calls Kudo and reports the location, but the line suddenly goes dead. Ryoko and Hakariya return to the car to find Kamiya unresponsive. They are then confronted by a monstrous figure, who stretches out its arm at Hakariya's face, knocking him unconscious. As Ryoko fights with the creature, she recognizes its voice as that of Karin, and it introduces itself as an "Achelon." Ryoko transforms into Sazer Velsou and is joined by Tarious and Mithras; Kamiya also soon regains consciousness and becomes Sazer Tragos. The four manage to repel the Achelon, who levitates into the air and flies away. Kudo, Mika and Kamiya introduce themselves to Ryoko and welcome her as their ally. A confused Hakariya awakens and asks where the monster went, to the amusement of the group.


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