Mass Production Model Garuda

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Mass Production Model Garuda
Two Mass Production Model Garudas in The Gransazers
Targets Vohu Manah
First appearance The Gransazers Episode 1:
"Awaken! The Warrior of the Stars"

The Mass Production Model Garudas (量産型ガルーダ,   Ryōsan-gata Garūda) are ancient, mass-produced warrior mechas created by Toho that appear in episode 1 of the 2003 tokusatsu kaiju series, The Gransazers, titled "Awaken! The Warrior of the Stars."


The Gransazers

"Awaken! The Warrior of the Stars"

4 million years ago, the righteous space alliance Vohu Manah declared war upon Earth and its technologically advanced inhabitants. In an act of self defense, Earth launched a number of warships and the Super Star God Garuda, alongside a fleet of its mass-produced counterparts. The mechs fought on against the Vohu Manah, but were quickly overwhelmed and the majority were destroyed. Ultimately, the extraterrestrial alliance was successful in conquering the Earth, leading to the extinction of the ancient civilization.


  • The Mass Production Model Garudas are capable of interplanetary flight.
  • The Mass Production Model Garudas are armed with advanced beam-launching guns.




The Gransazers

"Awaken! The Warrior of the Stars"


Toho Special Effects Movie Complete Works


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