"Awaken! Star Warrior"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Awaken! Star Warrior"
"Move! Dorcrus"
"Awaken! Star Warrior"
Awaken! Star Warrior
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 1
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date October 4, 2003
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"Awaken! Star Warrior" (目覚 (めざ)めよ! (ほし)戦士 (せんし),   Mezameyo! Hoshi no Senshi) is the first episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on October 4, 2003.


Hundreds of millions of years ago, a highly advanced civilization inhabited the Earth. Their greatest creations were the Ultra Star Gods, giant warrior mecha. However, a coalition of aliens, fearing humanity's increasing power, launched an all-out attack on the planet. Despite deploying the full brunt of their arsenal, the civilization was decimated.

In the twenty-first century, Tenma Kudo, a delivery driver for Jet Express, makes his rounds to several delivery locations, but is nearly run over by a pickup truck on his way to his next destination. The two men inside the truck get into a fistfight with Kudo on the street, but a woman pulls up in an SUV and slaps him across the face. The woman is interrupted by her passenger, an older man, and Kudo suddenly remembers he is on the clock for a delivery, rushing to his motorcycle. The woman, Mika Shido, and her passenger, who is in fact the famous archaeologist Professor Ichiro Horiguchi, pull up to a dig site at Mount Kabuto where they are mobbed by the press. After being aggravated by one of the reporter's accusations, Horiguchi asserts that ancient civilizations are probable, given Earth's long history.

Later, Horiguchi uncovers part of a large object, and orders Mika to tell the reporters that the excavation was a failure. At the same time, Kudo arrives at the residence of a man named Misonogi, who instructs him to deliver a small case to the dig site in just two hours. Elsewhere, a woman on a cellphone declares Horiguchi's announcement was a lie, and that he had in fact discovered an Ultra Star God. Two hours later, Kudo pulls up to a gate outside the dig site, but is stopped by security. Mika appears on the other side and snags the package from Kudo's hand, then knocks him unconscious with a kick to the head when he attempts to chase her. Mika brings the package to Horiguchi, who opens it to find a ringing satellite phone. On the other end is Misonogi, who tells Horiguchi that he believes other parties to be interested in reviving Ultra Star Gods. Horiguchi explains to Mika that Misonogi is the sponsor of his research, and is necessary to his unraveling of the Ultra Star Gods and "Gransazers." As night falls outside the gate, a still unconscious Kudo awakens to find a man standing over him - Mika's younger brother Ken. Kudo tells Ken that he needs Horiguchi's signature for the package, and Ken sneaks him to a fence just outside Horiguchi's tent. Suddenly, a man in a leather trenchcoat leaps over the fence; Kudo and Ken attempt to follow, but trip an alarm system. Security guards find the trenchcoated man and push him to the ground, but are sent flying when he transforms into an armored warrior. Shouting "Remls Tornado," the man creates a whirlwind that blasts away the remaining guards and blows up Horiguchi's backhoe. Looking on nearby, Kudo takes off his motorcycle glove to see a symbol glowing on his hand. Noticing this, the warrior grabs Kudo and leaps over the mountain. As Horiguchi and Mika arrive, Ken tells them that a Gransazer has kidnapped Kudo.

Back in his tent, Horiguchi tells Misonogi of the incident. Misonogi speculates that the Gransazer may have taken Kudo because he too is a Gransazer. The next morning, Mika questions whether Kudo could really be a Gransazer, and requests that Horiguchi allow her to investigate. Before setting off, she ducks behind a rock and lifts her hand to the sky to reveal a glowing symbol. A device materializes on her hand, and she uses it to transform into the Sazer Mithras. At an unknown location, Kudo awakens in a bed surrounded by the man from the dig site, the woman who had been seen speaking on the phone, and a younger woman. The younger woman appears skeptical of Kudo, but the man assures her that his powers simply haven't shown themselves yet. A confused Kudo tells the trio off before storming out of the room, but is followed by the younger woman, Ryoko. Ryoko intercepts Kudo and, without warning, begins to attack him. Kicking him to the ground, she encourages him to fight back. A device not unlike that used by Mika materializes on Ryoko's hand, and she transforms into Sazer Velsou. Using her ability Velsou Illusion, Ryoko lifts Kudo into the air with her mind and repeatedly slams him against the floor. Before long, one of the devices materializes on Kudo's own hand, and he is enveloped with the power of Sazer Tarious. Kudo sends Velsou flying through the wall with a single punch, then flees the building. Watching from nearby, Ryoko's companions speculate that Sazer Tarious belongs to the element of fire, and therefore must be destroyed. Outside, Mika observes Tarious from atop the building, concluding Kudo is a Gransazer after all.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Ryo Segawa   as   Tenma Kudo
  • Asuka Shimizu   as   Mika Shido
  • Kohei Takeda   as   Ken Shido
  • Hideaki Serizawa   as   Akira Dentsuin
  • Maya Hoshino   as   Ryoko Amemiya
  • Shunsaku Kudo   as   Atsushi Misonogi
  • Mika Chiba   as   Karin Saeki
  • Shoichiro Akaboshi   as   Ichiro Horiguchi
  • Aoi Asada   as   apartment landlady
  • Akio Kamei   as   security officer
  • Mika Hanai   as   nursery school teacher
  • Hiyori   as   kindergartner
  • Naoki Ogura   as   man in red shirt
  • Koji Shirahama   as   man in blue shirt
  • Nozomi Koshimizu   as   TV reporter A
  • Hisashi Sekiguchi   as   TV reporter B
  • Hidetaka Ichiyama   as   security guard A
  • Kyoichi Shima   as   security guard B
  • Extras provided by Hoei Project
  • Soichiro Tanaka   as   narrator



Weapons, vehicles, and organizations


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