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Guncaeser's Warrior Mode in The Gransazers
Guncaeser's Live Mode in The Gransazers
Alternate names Guncaesar, Gun Caesar, Gunshisa
Subtitle(s) Ultra Star God
(超星神,   Chōseishin)
Species Ancient transforming mech
Height 27 meters (Live Mode)
50 meters (Warrior Mode)[citation needed]
Length 43 meters (Live Mode)
57.5 meters (Warrior Mode)[citation needed]
Weight 15,000 metric tons[citation needed]
Forms Live Mode, Warrior Mode
Controlled by Earth Tribe
Allies Garuda, Dorcrus, Leviathan,
Youhi, Ken Riser, Ju Riser, Nin Riser Great-LioSFSXtM
Enemies Dorcrus (initially), all The Gransazers kaiju, Mammoth BoscheatSFSXtM
First appearance The Gransazers episode 6,
"Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth"
Latest appearance Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie
Live Mode:
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Guncaeser (ガンシーサー,   Ganshīsā) is a mecha created by Toho that first appeared in episode 6 of the 2003 series The Gransazers, titled "Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth."


The Gransazers

To be added.


Live Mode

In this form, Guncaeser is meant to resemble a Liger.

Warrior Mode

Guncaeser's Warrior Mode in The Gransazers

To be added.


When combining into the fused dragon robot Daisazer, Guncaeser becomes the right arm & the shoulder cannons.


Live Mode


Guncaesar can fly.

Gaia Thruster

Guncaesar uses its Gaia Thruster claws to slash its opponents.

Liger Riot

From the Liger Riot cannons on the back, Guncaesar can shoot blasts of energy.

Land Thruster

Guncaesar fires blasts of energy from its Land Thruster cannons on its wings.


Guncaesar can change into its Warrior Mode.


Guncaesar can fuse its fellow Ultra Star Gods into Daisazer.

Warrior Mode

Gravity Burst

Guncaesar can perform a barrage from its cannons called the Gravity Burst as its finisher.

Liger Riot

Guncaesar is armed with two Liger Riot cannons.

Bull Cannon

Sazer Tawlon can equip Guncaesar with the Bull Cannons.

Matador Burst

Guncaesar can perform Tawlon's Matador Burst.

Hammer Burst

Guncaesar can perform an electrically-charged kick called the Hammer Burst.

Lady Claw

Although unused in the show, concept art depicts Guncaesar as being able to utilize Sazer Visuel's Lady Claw.

Spiral Horn

Although unused in the show, concept art depicts Guncaesar as being able to utilize Sazer Tragos's Spiral Horn.


Guncaesar can change into its Live Mode.


Guncaesar can discharge electricity from its blows.


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