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Youhi in The Gransazers
Alternate names Yuuhi
Subtitle(s) Type-05 GS Assist Robot
(五式支援機士,   Goshiki Shien Kishi)[1]
Species JSDF humanoid mech
Height 58 meters[1]
Weight 17,000 metric tons[1]
Controlled by Soichiro Okita
Relations Dailogian (technology source)
Allies Garuda, Dorcrus, Guncaesar, Leviathan
Enemies Clone Achelon, Troius
First appearance The Gransazers episode 28,
"The Beautiful Fugitive"
Latest appearance Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie
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Youhi (ユウヒ,   Yūhi) is a mecha that appeared in the 2003 Toho television series The Gransazers.


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The Gransazers

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Shoulder cannon

Youhi is armed with a double-barrel 120 mm cannon on the shoulder.

Missile launchers

Youhi has two six-cell heat-seeking missile launchers on the sides of its head.


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