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Zandolla in Zone Fighter
Alternate names Zandolla, Zandola, Zandra
Subtitle(s) Earth Eating Terror-Beast
(土食い恐獣,   Tsuchi-gui Kyōjū)
Species Terror-Beast
Height 78 meters[1]
Weight 91,000 metric tons[1]
Controlled by Garogas
Allies None
Enemies Zone Fighter, Godzilla
First appearance "Submersion! Godzilla, Save Tokyo!"

Zandora (ザンドラ,   Zandora) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 15 of Zone Fighter,""Submersion! Godzilla, Save Tokyo!"


Zandora's name may be derived from zando (残土), a Japanese word referring to earth dug out from a construction site.


Zandora's skin is a light blue color. His head is a pattern of light beige and silver and is shaped like a drill. The area under his head appears to be green as are the wrists around the shovel hands. He has no eyes, mouth, or any others features of a face. Zandora has strips of yellow lining his chest region underneath the green neckpiece. The tip of his drill head is the same color as his shovel hands which are red. He has a long tail which is also his skin color. His knee caps and parts of his arms are a darker blue color.


According to Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia, Zandora was born on Planet Garoga, the same homeworld as the Garogas.[2]


Showa era

Zone Fighter

Zandora is being used by the Garogas to dig tunnels, with the intention of creating a huge sinkhole that will cause Tokyo to fall underground. When Zone Fighter finally confronts Zandora, the monster easily defeats Zone Fighter and buries him underground. It looked like all hope was lost for Zone Fighter until Godzilla comes to help him out. Godzilla and Zone Fighter begin to fight Zandora together, who is finished off by Zone Fighter's Meteor Proton Beam.


Physical capabilities

For melee combat, Zandora sticks to basic hard-hitting punches with his red shovel hands. Zandora was also able to break down mountains of dirt with just a single swipe. Zandora charged at high speeds towards Godzilla when they first engaged in combat, and later charged again when fighting against Zone Fighter above ground. Zandora used his Shovel Cutters to throw around and batter the Monster King during the fight. Surprisingly, he gained the upper hand for a bit even after having his tail ripped, but began to lose his advantage after Zone Fighter intervened. According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), Zandora's hands can slice through 5 million tons and are called Shovel Cutters (ショベルカッター Shoberukatta).[2]


Zandora is capable of burrowing by using both his hands and drill head, with his shovel hands being able to carve out caverns in a matter of minutes. Zone Junior accidentally fell into one of the caverns that Zandora had carved out with his Shovel Cutters and remained trapped in it for a majority of the episode. Zandora brought Zone Fighter into the same cavern that had trapped Zone Junior by clawing underneath the ground the hero was standing on. Whenever Zandora surfaces from the ground, he immediately shakes off the dirt clinging to him.

Drill Head

Zandora possesses a giant drill for a head, its red tip spinning continuously. Zandora can use his drill head as a battering ram, as he demonstrated with Zone Fighter, repeatedly slamming into the hero and knocking him into the cavern wall. Zandora also used his drill head as a battering ram against Godzilla, knocking the reptilian to the ground. Zandora is able to tunnel underground using it, and if hitting the earth while underground, can create powerful earthquakes, as shown when large amounts of rubble began to fall from inside the cavern, burying Zone as well as leaving him trapped. Zandora drilled through the Earth with his head, causing numerous earthquakes throughout Tokyo. The Garogas planned for him to create a massive sinkhole under Tokyo, which came very close to completion, although his advances were halted by Zone Fighter and Godzilla.


Zandora can emit scalding steam from his hands. The steam was strong enough to cause physical harm to Godzilla while also creating small explosions on Godzilla's body and even caused him to fall over during a second assault of the steam. Zandora also used his steam on Smokey after it had begun firing on him again, requiring a rescue by Zone Fighter. According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), the temperature reaches 9,000 degrees Celsius and is laced with Murderous Microid Drugs (ミクロイド殺人薬入り Mikuroido Satsujin-Yaku-Iri).[2] Zandora is also capable of emitting steam from the tubes on his neck, although he never utilized them in combat.


When Zone Fighter arrived in Mighty Liner, Zandora withstood many blasts from the aircraft along with beams from Smokey. Though the attacks toppled him, he was able to get back up quickly. More impressively, Zandora kept fighting even after Godzilla ripped his tail off and beat him with it, also surviving Zone Fighter's Meteor Proton Beam, Meteor Kick, and twin rounds of Meteor Missile Might (the last of these shocking the hero), as well as Godzilla's atomic breath. He was finally killed by a second Meteor Proton Beam.


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Zandora uses broken Tyrant roars.


  • Zandora is the second-heaviest Terror-Beast at 91,000 metric tons, only trailing Jikiro, who weighs 95,000 metric tons.


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