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Techno-Sentient's third form concept art
Species Alien Creature
Enemies Godzilla
Created by Fil Barlow
Played by Animation
First appearance Juggernaut
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The Techno-Sentient (テクノ・センティエント,   Tekuno · Sentiento) is an alien kaiju created by TriStar Pictures that first appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode Juggernaut.


The Techno-Sentient is a blob-like alien life form that possesses cable-like tentacles and a single eye. Its main body is half orange and half beige, and its tentacles are a light gray color. Its eye is sunken into its body, with the crevice being red and the eye itself having a yellow sclera, blue iris, and a black pupil.


The Techno-Sentient is a mysterious organism from outer space that has the ability to fuse itself with any mechanical device it comes into contact with. After attacking a boy's toy car, a hot dog stand and an electronics store and a construction site, it grows to Godzilla-like proportions. It taps into the internet and learns about humans, Earth and the locations of weapons of mass destruction. H.E.A.T. pursue it to Fort McKenzie where it fights Godzilla, but the military open fire on both monsters. The Techno-Sentient takes this opportunity to wrap itself around a launch tower for a missile. Godzilla then pounds on it, which causes it to become latched on, and it is fired into space and detonated, destroying it.


While it is never explained as to why, the Techno-Sentient was shown to be incredibly interested in learning about all of mankind through the means of the internet. When it had assumedly found all information it needed to know, it decided to attempt to cause a nuclear war between nations by launching a nuclear missile.


Techno-Sentient absorbing a fridge and gaining ice abilities.

Absorption and incorporation

The Techno-Sentient, being an extraterrestrial menace, has unique characteristics, such as the ability to incorporate any kind of machinery or technology into its body, allowing it to increase in size & mass. The Techno-Sentient gains the properties and abilities of the technology/machines that have been absorbed into its body, such as when the monster absorbed a refrigerator and gained the ability to launch ice shards; and when it absorbed a tank, it gained a cannon. Amazingly, the outer space fiend also has the uncanny ability to disable missiles and render them harmless before they can explode in its body.


The creature is intelligent to a degree, as it found the location of a top-secret missile installation by utilizing the internet.


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  • The Techno-Sentient shares some similarities with the unmade kaiju Berserk, which absorbed various pieces of machinery and technology into itself in order to grow more powerful.


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