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Miyarabi in Godziban
Subtitle(s) Elder Granddaughter of the King Caesar Clan
Kingu Shīsā Ichizoku Chōrō no Magomusume
Species Shisa
Relations King Caesar (father),
Young Caesar (brother),
Godzilla-kun (love interest)
Allies Young Caesar, Godzilla-kun, Minilla, Little, JJ-23
Played by Shoko Nakajima (live-action)
First appearance Godziban episode 28,
"Go! Miracle Tail Shot"

Miyarabi (ミヤラビ,   Miyarabi) is a shisa kaiju who appears in the 2019 web series Godziban. She is the sister of Young Caesar.


Miyarabi's name comes from "Miyarabi's Prayer", the song Azumi princess Nami Kunigami sang to awaken King Caesar in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Miyarabi means "maiden" in Okinawan.


Compared to her brother, Miyarabi is taller and possesses a more human-like appearance. She retains the dog-like ears of her brother but otherwise has human-like skin and wears brown armor and a crown on her head.


Miyarabi is friendly toward the other monsters she encounters. She goes out of her way to help Minilla and Little by helping them cut fruit. She also always makes sure to share some fruit with her brother Young Caesar while the latter is meditating. Miyarabi is romantically interested in Godzilla-kun, who reciprocates her feelings. Miyarabi specifically shares the fruit she cuts with Godzilla-kun.


Godziban (Web 2019-) [episodes 28, 32, 37, 39, 47, 51-54, and 56; special episodes 4 and 10-11]


"Go! Miracle Tail Shot"

Miyarabi appeared while her brother Young Caesar was competing with Godzilla-kun in a rock-kicking duel. She then proceeded to best both kaiju at the activity.



In "Jingle Jingle JJ!", Miyarabi is able to take flight with some Christmas magic to help JJ-23 and the Godzilla clan deliver presents to the children of Japan.



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