Carnivorous Plant

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Carnivorous Plant
Carnivorous Plant in Hanna-Barbera's Godzilla
Played by Animation
First appearance Godzilla episode 13, "The Time Dragons"

The Carnivorous Plant is a plant kaiju created by Hanna-Barbera that first appeared in the 1978 Hanna-Barbera's Godzilla episode, "The Time Dragons."


When a mysterious meteorite transports Godzilla, along with Godzooky and the crew of the Calico back in time to a prehistoric rainforest, they go exploring in the hope of finding a way back to their own time. After they survive their encounter with the Diplodocus, Pete, the youngest member of the expedition and Godzooky's closest human friend, is lured away from the others by a mysterious green butterfly which leads him to a strange large green plant that vaguely resembles a pitcher plant. It's then that Pete to his surprise discovers that the "butterfly" is actually a set of petals that is a part of the plant, attached to an extendible vine-like appendage at the top of it. At first it appears harmless, but when Pete starts to walk away to rejoin his group, he is seized by long, whiplike vines from beneath the plant that wrap firmly around his legs, and when he tries to free himself, more vines wrap themselves around his wrists. As Pete fiercely continues to struggle with the vines, he suddenly notices a pile of bones of what was once a very large animal beside the plant, and realizes the peril he is now in. As if to confirm that, a large yawning mouth appears near the top of the plant, and he tries even harder to break away. Pete's cries for help bring Godzooky and Brock, who are searching for him, to the scene. At Pete's suggestion, Godzooky, with Brock's help, manages to save him in the nick of time by forcing a large rock down what passes for the plant's gullet, fooling the thing into thinking it's been fed a full meal, letting the boy go as a result. But as Pete and his rescuers move away to safety, he hears to his amusement the plant making what sounds like a sickly burp, indicating that its "meal" doesn't agree with it.



The Carnivorous Plant has an extendable appendage with a fluttery set of petals that together resemble a green butterfly, which it uses to lure its unsuspecting prey, and long whip-like vines from underneath that can lash out suddenly and wrap around its victims, pulling them into its maw.


  • The Carnivorous Plant will let go of its prey if it is tricked into swallowing something else, even a large rock.


  • The Carnivorous Plant is one of the few monsters not to be encountered by Godzilla in the series, and is in fact defeated by his cousin Godzooky with the help of his human friends, Pete and Brock.


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