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Chibi Minilla trademark icon
Chibi Minilla
Chibi Minilla as she appears in Chibi Godzilla Raids Again
Species Juvenile reptilian monster
Place(s) of emergence Monster Island
Allies Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Mechagodzilla
Written by Taketo Shinkai, Yuki Hirokawa
Designed by Chiharu Sakazaki
Played by Maaya Uchida (voice)
First appearance Chibi Godzilla Raids Again episode 15, "Chibi Minilla is a Big Girl"
Latest appearance Chibi Godzilla Raids Again episode 19, "Chibi Mothra's Secret Hobby"
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Chibi Minilla: “I'm Chibi Minilla. Nice to meet you!
Chibi Mechagodzilla: “Chibi Minilla, huh? How cool! Wait, "chibi" and "mini" mean the same, no?!
― Chibi Minilla and Chibi Mechagodzilla meeting (Chibi Godzilla Raids Again episode 15, "Chibi Minilla is a Big Girl")

Chibi Minilla (ちびミニラ,   Chibi Minira) is a baby kaiju who appears in the second season of the 2023 animated television series Chibi Godzilla Raids Again. She[a] is the sister of Chibi Godzilla.


Chibi Minilla's name is a simple combination of the Japanese chibi (ちび, "small") and the name of the kaiju Minilla, which is itself derived from "mini" and "Godzilla." The redundancy of having both chibi and "mini" in her name is humorously pointed out by Chibi Mechagodzilla in Chibi Minilla's debut episode.


Chibi Minilla has the same basic body shape as Chibi Godzilla, but with light-pink skin and "charming eyebrows."[1] Like Chibi Godzilla, her snout, dorsal fins, and toe claws are white.


Despite only being 5 years old, Chibi Minilla is level-headed and responsible.[1] Chibi Godzilla teaches her to be wary of strangers.


Chibi Godzilla Raids Again

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Atomic breath

Though Chibi Godzilla advises Chibi Minilla to use atomic breath on approaching strangers, implying that she has the ability to, she has yet to demonstrate it.


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  • Despite Minilla typically being depicted as the son of Godzilla, the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO YouTube channel uses she/her pronouns for Chibi Minilla in its English subtitles for Chibi Godzilla Raids Again, and refers to her as a "Big Girl" in the English title of her debut episode. However, while the character is voiced by a woman, she refers to herself by the masculine first-person pronoun boku (僕) in the Japanese dialogue. No other gendered language has yet been used for her in the Japanese version, with Chibi Godzilla nonspecifically introducing her as his "relative" (親戚,   shinseki), and even the portion of her debut episode's title that was translated as "Big Girl" is a non-gendered term for a "person of firm character."[2] It is therefore currently unclear what gender Chibi Minilla was intended to be by the show's Japanese staff; this site sides with the English subtitles for convenience.


  1. Chibi Minilla's gender is presented as female exclusively in the show's English subtitles. For more information, see § Trivia.


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