Megavolt Monsters

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Megavolt Monsters
The Megavolt Monsters
Subtitle(s) High Voltage Electricity Monster
(高圧電気怪獣,   Kōatsu Denki Kaijū)[1]
Species Electric Aquatic Reptiles
Forms Normal Size, Giant Size
Allies Each other
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 4,
"The Megavolt Monster"

The Megavolt Monsters (メガボルト・モンスター,   Megaboruto Monsutā) are aquatic reptile kaiju created by Hanna-Barbera that appeared in the 1978 Godzilla episode, "The Megavolt Monster."



"The Megavolt Monster"

Mysterious creatures given energy by an undersea power source, the Megavolt Monsters attacked anything that entered their waters. It didn't take long for the Calico and its crew to enter the area and discover what was happening. Quinn and Brock went into the depths inside a bathysphere but were soon attacked by one of the undersea menaces. Their bathysphere swiftly sank while the monster then turned its attention to the Calico and attacked it by coiling its body and tail around the ship, draining it of energy. Luckily, Godzilla managed to force the beast to retreat.

Unknown to everyone, a bubble of air existed at the bottom of the sea, maintained by the strange power source. Godzooky, the brave nephew of Godzilla, dove into the sea to rescue his friends, but ended up only worsening the problem by throwing himself in danger when he, Quinn, and Brock were cornered by two more megavolt monsters! Knowing that their friends were in trouble, Majors and Pete rode inside of Godzilla's air-tight claw to the bottom of the sea, allowing the three of them to rescue their friends. Once there, Godzilla confronted the two horned fiends. Using his flames against them, Godzilla managed to distract the creatures while the others plotted a way to destroy their power source.

Once the source was gone and Godzilla drained his foes of energy, they managed to escape, but the monster from before was awaiting them above the trench. The still-massive Megavolt Monster charged full speed and forced Godzilla to release the bathysphere. Godzooky tried to carry it up himself as Godzilla fought the beast. Soon, like its brothers, this monster was also drained of energy and was forced to retreat. Now all three monsters would have to find a way to live a life without their electrical powers.


  • The Megavolt Monsters can fire bolts of electricity from their horns, tusks, and tails.
  • The Megavolt Monsters can release an electromagnetic pulse from their bodies to repel enemies.
  • The Megavolt Monsters can absorb any form of electricity. When they absorb electricity, they can grow in size and power.


  • If enough pressure is put on the Megavolt Monsters, they will lose their electricity, weaken, and return to their normal size.


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