Power Dragon

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Power Dragon
The Power Dragon in The City In The Clouds
Species Dragon
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 18,
"The City in the Clouds"

The Power Dragon (パワー・ドラゴン,   Pawā Doragon) is a dragon monster that first appeared in the 1979 Godzilla episode "The City in the Clouds."


In contrast to the Time Dragon from this series, the Power Dragon closely resembles common depictions of dragons. It is brown with wyvern-like wings, a massive tail, and large horns on the back of its head. Spikes run down its neck.


The Power Dragon came to Earth from a distant planet, following an alien civilization that came and hid their city by disguising it as a thunderstorm. After the Power Dragon attacked some ships at sea, the Calico was sucked by the storm into the city, and the Power Dragon attacked. The aliens freed Godzilla from the storm's eye and Godzilla came and drove off the Power Dragon.

After realizing Godzilla's power, Ze-us, an alien, teleported Godzilla to their planet. When the Calico crew started fighting the aliens, the Power Dragon came back and destroyed the teleporter with a lighting bolt. The Power Dragon went after the Calico crew, who had Ze-us' Thought-Amplifier, but Dr. Darien used it to bring Godzilla back. Godzilla and the Power Dragon fell down into the storm's eye, where the Power Dragon shorted out the generators that kept the storm in form, and it and the aliens disappeared.



The Power Dragon can fly.


The Power Dragon can fire lightning bolts from its mouth.



Hanna-Barbera's Godzilla


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