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Gunhed 507
Gunhed 507 in Gunhed
Alternate names Gunhead 507, Gunhed, Gunhead
Subtitle(s) Super Robot Weapon
(超ロボット兵器,   Chō Robotto Heiki)[1]
Height 5.28 meters (Standing Mode),[2]
2.47 meters (Tank Mode)[2]
Length 6.12 meters (Standing Mode),[2]
8.7 meters (Tank Mode)[2][3]
Weight 38.05 metric tons,[2]
43.7 metric tons (standard equipment)[2][3]
Width 5.76 meters (Standing Mode),[2]
5.4 meters (Tank Mode)[2]
Other stats Maximum speed:
140 km/h (Standing Mode),[2]
180 km/h (Tank Mode)[2]
Mobile distance:
647 kilometers (Standing Mode),[2]
760 kilometers (Tank Mode)[2]
Forms Standing Mode, Tank Mode, Pid Mode
Controlled by Brooklyn
Designed by Shoji Kawamori[4]
First appearance Gunhed
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Gunhed 507 (ガンヘッド,   Ganheddo Faibu Zero Sebun) is a mecha created by Toho which appears in the 1989 Toho tokusatsu film, Gunhed.


The name of the Gunhed series of machines, and by extension Gunhed 507, is an acronym for Gun Unit Heavy Elimination Device. The mech is sometimes described as simply Gunhed or GUNHED (ガンヘッド,   Ganheddo), though its full designation is Gunhed 507, distinguishing it from the 508 model also seen in Gunhed.

Gunhed 507's transformations are denoted as Standing Mode (直立 (スタンディング)モード,   Sutandingu Mōdo),[2][3] Tank Mode (戦車 (タンク)モード,   Tanku Mōdo),[2][3] and Pid Mode (坑道モード,   Kōdō Mōdo, lit. Tunnel Mode).[2]


Heisei era


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Gunhed 507 can transform interchangeably between its Standing, Tank, and Pid Modes.


Targeting system

Gunhed 507 has a precise targeting system.

Chain gun

Gunhed 507 is equipped with a 20mm chain gun.

Machine gun

Gunhed 507 is equipped with a 5.56mm machine gun.


Gunhed 507 is equipped with a 75mm soft recoil cannon.


Gunhed 507 is equipped with six connected ground-to-ground missiles.

Spotting rifle

Gunhed 507 is equipped with a spotting rifle.

Video games


Main article: Gunhed 507/Gallery.



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