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Image gallery for Megabyte

Megabyte in Godzilla Kingdom
Subtitle(s) Data Analysis Monster
(データ分析怪獣,   Dēta Bunseki Kaijū)[1]
Species Godzilla-like Mecha
Relations Doctor (Creator)[1][2]
Allies Doctor
First appearance Godzilla Kingdom

Megabyte (メガバイト,   Megabaito) is a chibi mecha created by Toho that first appeared in the 1996 animated Godzilla series, Godzilla Kingdom.


Megabyte shares his name with the unit of data used by computers, most likely in reference to his mechanical nature and affinity for data analysis.


Megabyte resembles a green, super-deformed Godzilla with a metal chest, arms, and legs.


Godzilla Kingdom

Megabyte was constructed by the Doctor and aids her in analyzing the attributes of monsters.[1][2]


Heat attack

Although he is mostly passive and does not often engage in battles of any sort, Megabyte can produce a heat attack from his mouth when agitated, in a similar manner to Godzilla.[1][2]


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