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Species Various species of marine life
Forms Macro size, normal size
Enemies Godzilla
Calico crew
First appearance Godzilla Episode 23, "The Macro-Beasts"

The Macro-Beasts were enlarged marine animals who appeared in the 23rd episode of the 1978 animated series Godzilla, "The Macro-Beasts". They were altered as the result of a recent volcanic eruption and a mysterious underground substance emerging from Capaldi Island; a relatively young formation that itself was created by the aforementioned geological activity. At the end of the episode, Godzilla brought in a giant iceberg that shrank the creatures back to normal size.


The word "Macro" in "Macro-Beasts" is an adjective and a synonym for the word "large."


The Macro-Beasts' designs are based on realistic depictions of marine life, albeit enlarged after they drank the mutated substance.

List of Macro-Beasts

Name Image Description
Macro seahorses
The macro seahorses first sighted by the Calico
As their name suggests, these are seahorses mutated to gigantic proportions and are mostly accurate to their real-life counterparts, with segmented bony armor covered with an outer skin, an upright posture, equine features, and a curled prehensile tail. The only slight exception would be that of elongated crown-like spines or horns protruding from the back of their heads and necks, which seems uncommon for most species of seahorse. The macro seahorses are lightly green colored with yellowish underbellies and wide yellowish eyes. Upon first seeing the macro seahorses, Pete comments on them being "the size of real horses"; however, by the climax of the episode, the macro seahorses have grown three or more times that size, when compared to the Calico's mini-subs.
Macro jellyfish
Macro jellyfish
The giant jellyfish was the second Macro-Beast to be encountered by the visiting crew of the Calico, floating upon the ocean's surface.
Macro crab
The giant crab disabled the Calico crew's mini-sub's radio and attempted to drag both Quinn and Brock into its cave. Luckily, Brock rescued them both by overheating the mini-sub's engine, burning the giant crab's claw and allowing them to escape and return to the Calico.
Macro electric eels
Macro eel.jpg
A large school of giant electric eels attacked Captain Majors and Brock, disabling their barriers and threatening to kill them. Captain Majors called on Godzilla, who arrived just in time to frighten off the eels with his laser beams, wrangling them into the cave.
Macro manta ray
Giant Manta Ray.png
When the giant manta ray noticed the Calico, it tried to attack, but Godzilla was summoned. The beast shot an energy bolt at Godzilla, an ineffective attack which he countered with a punch, sending it back to its reef.

After all the ocean creatures were placed into the reef, the giant manta ray flew out of the water and started fighting Godzilla again. Godzilla squeezed it and threw it back into the reef. While it was sinking, Godzilla threw an iceberg at the reef, which reduced the water temperature and made all the marine animals their normal sizes again.

Macro tropical fish
Macro fish 2.jpg
A fish that was seen feeding on mutagen.
Macro goldfish
Macro fish 3.jpg
The macro goldfish was used as a guinea pig to test the effect of the purple substance. After drinking it, the goldfish became enlarged.
Macro white fish
Macro fish 5.jpg
The macro white fish are briefly seen while Quinn and Pete communicate with the Calico in the mini-copter.
Macro tunas
Macro fish 4.jpg
The macro tunas can be seen while Quinn and Pete relay information about the Macro-Beasts to the Calico through the mini-copter.
Macro barracudas
Macro fish 6.jpg
The macro barracudas can be seen while Quinn and Pete communicate their findings about the Macro-Beasts to the Calico from the mini-copter.
Macro blue fish
The macro blue fish are briefly seen by Quinn and Brock as they first descend into the water.
Macro sea turtle
Macro sea turtle.jpg
The macro turtle is first seen when Quinn and Brock originally descended into the water to discover the cause of the Macro-Beasts. It is later seen again when all of the animals are shrunk back down to normal size.
Macro starfish
Macro Star.jpg
The macro starfish is a blue starfish that was briefly seen by Quinn and Brock as they descend to uncover the cause of the Macro-Beasts.
Macro sharks
Macro shark.jpg
One of the macro sharks used its tail to knock one of the mini-subs off balance, lodging it in a rock. Others are seen throughout the episode.
Macro squids
Macro squid.jpg
The macro squids are among the many groups of animals that can be seen being driven to the coral reef.
Macro swordfish
Macro swordfish.jpg
A group of macro swordfish can be seen being driven to the coral reef so that they can be turned back to normal.
Macro red fish and yellow fish
Macro Salmon-Sanpper.jpg
A pair of macro red fish and yellow fish can be seen while all of the fish are being turned back to normal.
Macro tropical blue fish
Macro fish 7.jpg
The macro tropical blue fish can be seen while all the fish are returning to their normal sizes.
Macro sailfish
Macro Sailfish.jpg
The macro sailfish is briefly seen while all of the fish are being turned back to normal.



As seen numerous times throughout the episode, the Macro-Beasts' increased size allowed them to have amplified strength.

Enhanced natural abilities

The creatures' increase in size also increased their natural abilities. This was demonstrated by both the electric shock caused by the electric eels, as well as with both the manta ray's electric attack and its ability to fly out of the water for an abnormal amount of time.



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