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Gundarguirus in Zone Fighter
Alternate names Gandarguirus
Subtitle(s) Bomb Terror-Beast
(爆弾恐獣,   Bakudan Kyōjū)[1]
Height 71 meters[2]
Weight 80,000 metric tons[2]
Place(s) of emergence Planet Garoga[1]
Controlled by Garogas
Relations Garogas (creators)
Allies Garogas
Enemies Zone Fighter
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 18, "Command: 'Destroy the Japanese Islands'"
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Gundarguirus (ガンダーギラス,   Gandāgirasu) is a Terror-Beast created by Toho that first appeared in episode 18 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series Zone Fighter, titled "Command: 'Destroy the Japanese Islands'".


Gundarguirus is a bizarre creature which appears to be a chimera of various species. His head resembles that of a walrus with red tusks.


Zone Fighter

"Command: 'Destroy the Japanese Islands'"

Gundarguirus was used by the Garogas as a makeshift bomb. After Professor Tanzawa discovered a powerful energy source that he named PS73, the Garogas managed to infiltrate his laboratory and steal the sample. After they had stolen a sample of PS73, and had taken it to where Gundarguirus was being stored, they set the container holding the sample of PS73 down, and waited for Gundarguirus to emerge from Mount Yakushi. After Gundarguirus had emerged from the mountain, the commanding Red Garoga then ordered Gundarguirus to suck up and swallow fed the container holding the PS73 sample. It was then discovered that a comet, specifically named Comet K, was approaching the Earth. Comet K was described as having very intense magnetic fields and that if the comet came too close, it would cause a huge magnetic storm, disturb radio waves, and cause the PS73 within Gundarguirus to explode, which would destroy Japan entirely. However, Zone Fighter engaged the monster in combat briefly before negotiating a game of rock, paper, scissors instead, with Gundarguirus having to leave the Earth and go into space if he loses. Zone had decided upon rock, paper, scissors as to avoid physically harming Gundarguirus, as that would activate the PS73 capsule withing the kaiju's stomach. Despite losing the match, Gundarguirus refused to leave and instead played another game with Zone Fighter, this time being a fencing match which he then lost as well. After being told repeatedly to leave, Gundarguirus attacked the hero and managed to overpower Zone, as his meter was already on red. The Garogas however had different plans, and ordered the kaiju to not kill Zone Fighter, as they wanted the hero's death to be when Comet K came close enough to the Earth. As Gundarguirus left, Zone Fighter collapsed and reverted back to his human sized form.

"Order: Destroy the Earth with Comet K"

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Physical abilities

Gundarguirus was capable of wielding an uprooted tree and treating it like a fencing stick. He used the tree to compete against Zone Fighter in a fencing match, smacking the hero's weapon as well as lunging at him with the tree, and even managed to land a hit on the hero's chest. When Zone Fighter charged at him, Gundarguirus simply swatted the hero away with one of his huge hands, before smacking Zone with his fanned tail, knocking the Meteor Man over. While the hero was trying to get back up, Gundarguirus kicked Zone, knocking him back to the ground. When getting ready for their rematch, Gundarguirus kicked a mound of dirt at the human sized Zone Fighter. Gundarguirus swiped at Smokey, as the spacecraft was flying around him. While participating in the ring toss competition, Gundarguirus was shown to be able to throw the rings with alright precision, successfully making the first toss, although failing the second and third time.

Fire breath

Gundarguirus can fire a stream of fire from its mouth setting anything it touches ablaze. After getting fed up with Zone Fighter, Gundarguirus used his flames on the hero, setting fire to the ground, causing explosions, and even destroying a radar base. During their rematch, Gundarguirus immediately unleashed his flames on Zone after he transformed into his giant form, leaving the fire to cling the ground and cause explosions, although the hero was able to dodge the flames both times the flames were used on him. When Zone Angel and Zone Junior were piloting Smokey and attempting to recharge Zone Fighter, Gundarguirus used his flames on the spacecraft, momentarily causing the two to lose control.

Gamma Rays

Gundarguirus can fire two thin, red Gamma Rays (ガンマー光線,   Ganmā Kōsen) from each of his two tusks.[3] After colliding with an opponent, the beam will wrap around them, raise them into the air, and spin the opponent at high speed, disorienting them. Alternatively the beams will simply cause a large explosion against the opponent, as demonstrating against Zone Fighter. After Zone Fighter had transformed into his giant form, Gundarguirus immediately fired his Gamma Rays at the hero, causing him to be lifted into the air and spun around by the beams, before being dropped by them, leaving Zone to groan in pain. Not even letting the hero recover, Gundarguirus fired off another round of his Gamma Rays at the downed hero, causing an explosion and blowing the Meteor Man backwards. During their rematch, Gundarguirus fired his Gamma Rays at Zone Fighter, resulting in the hero being picked up and spun around, before being dropped by them again. Gundarguirus' Gamma Rays were also able to make Zone Fighter's Zone Meter instantly turn to red, due to the gamma properties within the rays.


Gundarguirus can suck objects into his mouth from long distances. Anything consumed is placed in a translucent storage pod in the monster's chest. Gundarguirus used this technique to suck up a container containing a capsule of PS73, an extremely destructive explosive device. It was also stated that due to Gundarguirus swallowing the PS73 sample, he became more powerful due to its energy.


When about to destroy the radar, Gundarguirus displayed confusion and backed away when Zone Fighter had jumped in front of it. When Zone was negotiating with Gundarguirus, the kaiju appeared frustrated that he was being stopped from destroying the radar, shaking his body and head "no" twice in response to Zone attempting negotiations. As Zone thought of a way to get Gundarguirus to not fight, the kaiju looked on in a curious manner. Gundarguirus did finally give a nod of agreement towards Zone after he was convinced to play rock, paper, scissors instead of fighting, and that the loser would have to go back to space. After he lost, Gundarguirus got frustrated and refused to hold his end of the deal. Gundarguirus was convinced yet again to not engage the hero with a game of fencing instead. After Gundarguirus lost his balance and Zone saved him from falling, Gundarguirus gave the hero a bow of affirmation. Even after Zone had jammed a piece of the tree they used for fencing into his neck, Gundarguirus showed no hostility towards the hero and appeared confused. When Zone repeatedly told Gundarguirus to go back to space, the kaiju continuously refused before getting fed up and using his flamethrower on the hero. When told to leave Zone Fighter instead of killing him by the Garogas, the kaiju complied and turned away, leaving behind the injured hero. During their rematch, Gundarguirus was convinced once again to stop fighting by Zone Fighter, and instead play a best out of three ring toss game, with Gundarguirus helping Zone Fighter help set the game up. After making the first ring around the pole, Gundarguirus clapped his hands in glee and refused to hand over the ring to Zone when it has the hero's turn, instead going a 2nd time and got upset when he didn't make it. Gundarguirus also got into a brief argument about whether or not Zone Fighter actually made his ring onto the pole.


Zone Fighter attempted to stab into Gundarguirus' skin and into one of his arteries with a broken off piece of an uprooted tree, only for it to harmlessly do nothing. Most impressively, Gundarguirus endured Zone chopping his hands against his head, which cause his eyes to bug out on stalks, and even managed to survive both of his eyes being ripped out of their sockets. He then had both of his arms cut off by Zone Fighter's Meteor Zone Slice and was finally killed via decapitation by 2 volleys of Zone's Meteor Missile Might. The rest of Gundarguirus' body was destroyed after being flown out to space and hit with a Meteor Proton Beam.

Strong winds

According to All Kaiju Kaijin (First Volume), Gundarguirus is capable of whipping up 100 meter-per-second winds, though this is not demonstrated in the show.[3]


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Gundarguirus uses edited Bemstar cries.



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