Giant Mutant Hummingbird

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TriStar Pictures Monster
A Giant Mutant Hummingbird in "vision"
Giant Mutant Hummingbird
Alternate Names Mutant Hummingbird,
Big Bird, Giant Hummingbird
Species Mutated Hummingbird
Allies None
Enemies Godzilla
Created by Fil Barlow
Portrayed by Animation
First Appearance Vision
To be added.

The Giant Mutant Hummingbirds (巨大ハミングバード,   Kyodai Hamingubādo, lit. Giant Hummingbird) are mutated bird kaiju created by TriStar Pictures that first appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode Vision.


Godzilla: The Series


In the great redwood forests in California, hummingbirds were sipping nectar from flowers that were contaminated with chlorofluorocarbons, causing them to grow to gigantic size and forcing them to seek out new sources of CFCs. These monsters made their way to San Francisco, attacking a military jet. They were unable to be seen, because their wings, which had reflective feathers, reflected the light, therefore rendering them invisible. As H.E.A.T. investigated the situation, Godzilla came into contact with the creatures, but was unable to retaliate because he couldn't locate them. Finally, H.E.A.T. managed to construct a special pair of goggles that when fitted on Godzilla's head would allow him to see the Mutant Hummingbirds. He was then able to knock them out of the sky with tail whips and atomic blasts. According to Hicks, the birds weren't fatally injured, just stunned. The Pentagon then decided to study their stealth capabilities to create stealth jets.


The Giant Mutant Hummingbirds could spit a liquid that was as corrosive as battery acid on targets, had incredible speed that allowed them to be unseen by humans or Godzilla, and the ability to fly high in the sky.


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Godzilla: The Series


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