Giant Mutant Hummingbird

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Giant Mutant Hummingbirds
A Giant Mutant Hummingbird in Godzilla: The Series
Alternate names Mutant Hummingbirds,
Big Bird, Giant Hummingbirds
Species Irradiated hummingbirds
Enemies Godzilla
Designed by Fil Barlow
First appearance Godzilla: The Series
episode 36, "Vision"

The Giant Mutant Hummingbirds (巨大ハミングバード,   Kyodai Hamingubādo, lit. Giant Hummingbird) are giant bird monsters who appear in episode 15 of the second season of Godzilla: The Series, "Vision."


The Giant Mutant Hummingbirds have two large wings, a large tail, two orange legs with three claws on each foot, a white underside and are covered in green, purple, and gray feathers. The heads of the creatures have small yellow eyes and long beaks with a spiked tongue.


The Giant Mutant Hummingbirds were created after feeding on the nectar from flowers in the great redwood forests of California that had been contaminated with chlorofluorocarbons due to industrial pollution, causing them to grow in size and seek out other sources of CFCs.


Godzilla: The Series


In the great redwood forests in California, hummingbirds were sipping nectar from flowers that were contaminated with chlorofluorocarbons, causing them to grow to gigantic size and forcing them to seek out new sources of CFCs. These monsters made their way to San Francisco, attacking a military jet. They were unable to be seen, because their wings, which had reflective feathers, reflected the light, therefore rendering them invisible. As H.E.A.T. investigated the situation, Godzilla came into contact with the creatures, but was unable to retaliate because he could not locate them. Finally, H.E.A.T. managed to construct a special pair of goggles that, when fitted on Godzilla's head, would allow him to see the Giant Mutant Hummingbirds. He was then able to knock them out of the sky with tail whips and his atomic breath. According to Anthony Hicks, the birds were not fatally injured, just stunned. The Pentagon then decided to study their stealth capabilities to create stealth jets.


Corrosive liquid

The Giant Mutant Hummingbirds can spit a liquid that was as corrosive as battery acid on targets.


The Giant Mutant Hummingbirds' feathers are composed of highly reflective strands that allows them to reflect light. Combined with the incredible speeds they can fly at, this allowed them to become invisible to humans and Godzilla. They also have the ability to fly high in the sky.


Due to just being large hummingbirds, Godzilla was able to easily take them out of the sky by either swatting at them with his tail or blasting them with his atomic breath, both of which left the birds stunned.


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