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Chibi Godzilla® trademark icon
Chibi Godzilla®
Chibi Godzilla in Chibi Godzilla Raids Again
Chibi Godzilla with a sprained neck in Chibi Godzilla Raids Again
Chibi Godzilla with a bumped knee in Chibi Godzilla Raids Again
Alternate names ChibiGodzi, Chibi G
Allies Chibi Ghidorah, Chibi Rodan,
Chibi Mothra, Chibi Anguirus,
Chibi Mechagodzilla
Designed by Chiharu Sakazaki
Played by Serika Hiromatsu (voice),IHCG
Jun Fukuyama (voice)CGRA
First appearance Latest appearance
Do Your Best,
Chibi Godzilla
Chibi Godzilla
Raids Again
Not to be confused with LittleGodzilla, who is referred to as "ChibiGodzi" in the Japanese dialogue of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.
Can we burn something down, just once?

Chibi Monster Karuta card

Chibi Godzilla (ちびゴジラ,   Chibi Gojira) is a juvenile kaiju who first appeared in the 2018 children's book Do Your Best, Chibi Godzilla. Chibi Godzilla is the star of a series of Godzilla media aimed toward very young children, telling the story of Godzilla as a child before he grew up to become the King of the Monsters. So far Chibi Godzilla has appeared in three picture books, two theater promos, a web anime series, a music video, and a televised anime series.


Chibi Godzilla's name simply comes from placing chibi (ちび), a Japanese word meaning "little," in front of Godzilla's name. Rather than being translated to English as "Little Godzilla," the character's name is consistently written in English as Chibi Godzilla. His name is sometimes shortened to just ChibiGodzi (ちびゴジ,   Chibigoji).


Chibi Godzilla is a stylized and simplified version of Godzilla's traditional design. He has a large head with no defined neck, a round body, and round hands with no visible fingers. He has three white claws on each foot. There is a row of short, white maple leaf-shaped dorsal plates running down Chibi Godzilla's back to his tail, which is very stubby and suspended in the air. Chibi Godzilla's skin is light green, but his muzzle is white with two visible nostrils. He has large circular eyes which are white with big black pupils.

In the Chibi Godzilla Raids Again episode "Chibi Godzilla's Second Form", Chibi Godzilla is shown to take on a new appearance when his neck or knee is injured, making him resemble Godzilla's second form in Shin Godzilla (2016). While his head remains unchanged in this form, his skin becomes beige or purple, he has no arms, and sports visible gills.


Chibi Godzilla is described as a "crybaby," in stark contrast to Godzilla's reputation of being fierce and strong. He is friends with Chibi Ghidorah, Chibi Rodan, Chibi Mothra, Chibi Anguirus, and the Chibi Mechagodzilla brothers.

In Chibi Godzilla Raids Again, Chibi Godzilla becomes more of a prankster, especially towards Chibi Mechagodzilla, even to the point of setting up a giant bear trap for the robot to fall for. He also has an insatiable appetite for destruction, as demonstrated when he destroys Chibi Mechagodzilla's model city without remorse. His goal is to one day grow as big and strong as his father so he can hug him without breaking all of his bones.


Chibi Godzilla in I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla

I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla

Chibi Godzilla lived in an apartment as the roommate of a woman named Satomi. As Satomi struggled to make ends meet at her job, she would frequently be encouraged and cheered up by Chibi Godzilla and his friends Chibi Rodan, Chibi Mothra, and Chibi Ghidorah. Chibi Godzilla dreamed of one day becoming the "King of the Monsters", though he admitted to Satomi that he did not know what exactly the King of the Monsters does.


Chibi Godzilla's head can be seen in a comic about Godzilla Fest 2022 spotlighted by Minilla and Little.

Chibi Godzilla Raids Again

Chibi Godzilla awakens Chibi Mechagodzilla

"Chibi Godzilla of Monster Island"

On Monster Island, Chibi Godzilla discovered an unconscious Chibi Mechagodzilla on the beach and promptly awakened him with his atomic breath. After introducing himself, Chibi Godzilla briefly expressed confusion over what humans were once Chibi Mechagodzilla revealed that he hade been built by humans before Chibi Godzilla's father, Godzilla himself, appeared in the distance. Chibi Godzilla then confided in Chibi Mechagodzilla that he dreamed of growing up to become a big monster so his father could hug him without crushing him. Chibi Mechagodzilla offered to help and asked to be Chibi Godzilla's friend, though he was put off by Chibi Godzilla's reluctance to accept his proposal.

"The Three-Headed Scary God, Chibi Ghidorah"

While showing Chibi Mechagodzilla around the island, Chibi Godzilla introduced the robot to his friend, Chibi Ghidorah. Chibi Godzilla then offered to show Chibi Mechagodzilla the Dainashi Supermarket before the latter opted to forage for mushrooms as Chibi Ghidorah had suggested. After pointing out one of the mushrooms and causing Chibi Ghidorah's heads to fight over it, Chibi Godzilla then noticed that there were actually more mushrooms in the nearby area, meaning Chibi Ghidorah's heads didn't have to fight over it after all.

"The Resplendent Maiden, Chibi Mothra"

Chibi Godzilla introduced Chibi Mechagodzilla to Chibi Mothra and the Shobijin. While Chibi Godzilla insisted that the Shobijin relayed Chibi Mothra's thoughts with their telepathic powers, Chibi Mechagodzilla quickly began to have doubts over the claim upon hearing how rude the Shobijin were. After the Shobijin's phony translations of Mothra's alleged thoughts caused her to become embarrassed and cry, Chibi Godzilla explained that Chibi Mothra expels poisonous scales when she cries mere moments before she incapacitated the entire group with her scales.

"The Ruler of the Skies, Chibi Rodan"

Chibi Godzilla led Chibi Mechagodzilla and Chibi Mothra on a hike up a mountain in the hopes of speaking with his father. The group soon encountered the narcissistic Chibi Rodan, whose vanity quickly wore on Chibi Mechagodzilla. After Chibi Mechagodzilla unintentionally caused Chibi Rodan to fall out of the sky by insulting him, Chibi Godzilla explained that Chibi Rodan would fall whenever he loses an argument and that he simply wanted to be liked. Chibi Godzilla then suggested that Chibi Rodan could give them rides up the mountain on his back, but Chibi Rodan rudely declined.

"Monster Study Session"

Chibi Godzilla teaches a class

Chibi Godzilla taught a monster study session for the monsters of Monster Island, asking various questions such as what foe was hardest for Godzilla to defeat, or what felt best to destroy. While Chibi Mechagodzilla attempted to offer some legitimate answers, he found that everyone else was offering ridiculous suggestions, with Chibi Mechagodzilla quickly dismissing most of them. However, after Chibi Godzilla began providing nonsensical answers to his questions that were equally as asinine as the previous suggestions, Chibi Mechagodzilla questioned whether or not this was a real class and later concluded that the "class" was not worth taking.

"The Roaring Dragon, Chibi Anguirus"

While Chibi Godzilla was teaching him about hunting, Chibi Mechagodzilla ended up caught in a bear trap that the former had set. Chibi Mechagodzilla suddenly heard the loud frightening roars of an approaching kaiju and was scared out of his wits until seeing that they belonged to small monster. Chibi Godzilla introduced the monster as Chibi Anguirus, explaining that his voice change has left him only able to communicate in roars incomprehensible to the chibi monsters. Chibi Mechagodzilla asked how they could even communicate while Chibi Godzilla explained he mostly just guesstimates, with his flimsy attempts at translation frustrating Chibi Mechagodzilla. Chibi Godzilla then had the idea of having the Shobijin use their telepathy to translate, but their attempts proved to be just as inaccurate as Chibi Godzilla's. After Chibi Anguirus repeatedly denied the supposed translations of the Shobijin and Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Mechagodzilla theorized that Chibi Anguirus had come to free him from the trap, only for Chibi Anguirus to once more reject the suggestion.

"All Chibi Monsters Attack"

Chibi Godzilla wrecks Chibi Mechagodzilla's model city

Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Ghidorah, and Chibi Anguirus destroyed a model city in Chibi Mechagodzilla's cabin, much to the robot's dismay. Chibi Godzilla pleaded to be allowed to destroy more and attempted to tell the story behind why he could not contain his destructive urges, though Chibi Mechagodzilla quickly realized that this was nothing more than a ploy to continue wrecking the city as he told his tale. Chibi Ghidorah and Chibi Anguirus both apologized for their actions, pacifying the agitated Chibi Mechagodzilla, who forgave them. Chibi Godzilla then got Chibi Mechagodzilla to leave by telling him they would clean up the mess, though this proved to be another ruse as he planned to wreck even more of the city. Chibi Ghidorah attempted to dissuade Chibi Godzilla from continuing, but Chibi Godzilla tempted him and Chibi Anguirus with more destruction. Before they could initiate their second assault, however, the enraged Chibi Mechagodzilla caught them and blasted the trio with his eye beams before ordering them to fix what they could.

"The Sage of Grudges, Chibi Hedorah"

In Monster Island's classroom, Chibi Hedorah arrived to teach a lesson for Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Mechagodzilla, and Chibi Rodan. Chibi Hedorah proceeded to reveal that his "lesson" was teaching the others about how pathetic humans were, only to end up listing random and trivial reasons in an attempt to justify his hatred. Chibi Godzilla eventually told Chibi Mechagodzilla that Hedorah exaggerates a deep voice to emphasize his supposed hatred of humans, though it was really just an act. Chibi Mechagodzilla dismissed Chibi Hedorah's teachings to his face before asking if he had even met a human before; while Chibi Godzilla was certain that he had, the sludge monster admitted that he hadn't.

"The Bewitching Rose, Chibi Biollante"

Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Mechagodzilla, and Chibi Mothra visited Chibi Biollante's bar, where Chibi Mechagodzilla was shocked to discover that the bar only served dried snacks and no drinks when Chibi Biollante recommended rice crackers. Chibi Godzilla then asked for a suggestion for himself, to which Chibi Biollante also recommended more crackers.

"Chibi Godzilla's Second Form"

Chibi Godzilla's second form

One morning, Chibi Mechagodzilla encountered a beige slug-like monster and was shocked to find that it was Chibi Godzilla himself. Chibi Godzilla explained that he merely slept wrong and sprained his neck, with Chibi Ghidorah and Chibi Mothra mentioning that this has happened before. Nevertheless, Chibi Mechagodzilla did not understand how that could result in his body changing shape and color and maintained that Chibi Godzilla should see a doctor. While Chibi Godzilla admitted to being uncomfortable, he found upsides to his condition, such as being able to relate to slugs. Chibi Mothra suggested that he try stretching, and while Chibi Mechagodzilla was doubtful such a simple remedy could work, it quickly proved effective as color returned to his face. Though Chibi Mothra and Chibi Ghidorah were repulsed by the stretching, they encouraged him to continue, and he soon returned to normal. However, he still expressed sympathy for slugs, concerning Chibi Ghidorah. Some time later, Chibi Godzilla bumped his knee, causing him to revert back to his slug-like form, only this time he was purple in color. Chibi Mechagodzilla remained bewildered over how such minor injuries could dramatically alter Chibi Godzilla's entire appearance.

"An All-Chibi Monster Chorus"

Chibi Godzilla joined several others on another trip to Chibi Biollante's bar, where Chibi Biollante told Chibi Mechagodzilla that they also offered karaoke. Chibi Godzilla attempted to sing to "Godzilla's Theme", though Chibi Mechagodzilla quickly grew annoyed upon discovering that the song had no lyrics, resulting in Chibi Godzilla humming the song instead until Chibi Mechagodzilla turned off the machine. After the Shobijin and Chibi Anguirus took their turns at singing, Chibi Biollante recommended that they all sing a song together, with Chibi Godzilla once again selecting "Godzilla's Theme". While still irritated by the humming, Chibi Mechagodzilla resigned and impassively sung along in a monotonous voice. However, the group ultimately earned a perfect score on the karaoke machine's scoring system.

Chibi Godzilla digs for clams

"The War at Low Tide"

Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Mechagodzilla, Chibi Ghidorah, and Chibi Rodan went to the beach to dig for clams when they encountered Chibi Hedorah, who was cleaning trash that had washed up on Monster Island's shores. Chibi Godzilla asked where the garbage had come from, and Chibi Hedorah explained that humans were to blame, identifying most of the objects as weapons of conflict - claims that were refuted by Chibi Mechagodzilla. Following a suggestion from Chibi Rodan, Chibi Godzilla and Chibi Ghidorah enthusiastically embraced the idea of cleaning the beach, though Chibi Rodan himself passed out before they could begin in response to an insult from Chibi Hedorah.

"A Mighty Monster's Instinct"

While hanging out with the other chibi monsters of Monster Island, Chibi Godzilla sneezed, scorching the top of Chibi Mechagodzilla's head with atomic breath. Chibi Ghidorah noted that he had never fired his heat ray when sneezing, and Chibi Godzilla replied that he had been feeling particularly destructive lately before unexpectedly roaring like his father. While Chibi Godzilla dismissed these oddities as the symptoms of a cold, Chibi Mechagodzilla and the other monsters concluded that Chibi Godzilla was reaching puberty. Excited at the prospect that he was finally becoming more like his father, Chibi Godzilla fired his atomic breath in celebration, once more striking Chibi Mechagodzilla, who yelled at him to stop aiming at him. Some time later, Chibi Ghidorah summoned the other chibi monsters and revealed that he found a letter from Chibi Godzilla, who explained that he was fearful his destructive urges would cause him to hurt his friends and subsequently decided to leave Monster Island, though he hoped to meet his friends again when they were older. Heartbroken, Chibi Mechagodzilla believed he was at fault for yelling at Chibi Godzilla and began to cry, wishing that he hadn't told Chibi Godzilla to stop. Chibi Mothra and Chibi Ghidorah attempted to console the robot until Chibi Godzilla suddenly appeared, explaining that he saw a doctor before he could leave and found that he really did have a cold after all. He also revealed that he overheard Chibi Mechagodzilla's comments and thanked him, assuring him that they would be friends forever. However, he also expressed relief in knowing that he could always aim his destructive urges at the robot, prompting Chibi Mechagodzilla to try to take back what he said.


Fire breath

Chibi Godzilla breathing fire

Chibi Godzilla can exhale a blast of orange fire from his mouth. He tends to breathe fire whenever he cries. In I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Godzilla could use his fire breath to propel himself through the air, similarly to Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Hedorah. While Chibi Godzilla primarily uses his blue atomic breath in Chibi Godzilla Raids Again, he did use his orange fire breath to destroy one of Chibi Mechagodzilla's model fighter jets and burn four pepper fields.

Atomic breath

Chibi Godzilla's atomic breath leaking

In Chibi Godzilla Raids Again, Godzilla has the ability to use atomic breath. In the first episode, he struggles to remember whether its temperature is 180, 160,000, or 500,000 degrees, but Mechagodzilla concludes that it is likely 180. When Godzilla's urge to destroy becomes too great, his atomic breath will leak out of his nose. When he has a cold and sneezes, he can shoot a full atomic breath out of his mouth, though he admits that this is a choice and not a necessity. Godzilla can also fire his beam instantaneously, which he calls an Insta-Heat Ray. Like with his fire breath in I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla, his atomic breath also enables flight, though he is unable to speak coherently while doing this.

Video games


Do Your Best, Chibi Godzilla

Chibi Godzilla had a propensity to cry whenever he tripped and fell, bumped into things, read a sad story, or came in last in a footrace with Chibi Ghidorah and Chibi Rodan. While he was a bit of a crybaby, Chibi Godzilla breathed fire any time he cried, impressing his friends. As such, Chibi Godzilla considered himself strong and healthy despite his reputation as a crybaby.

Close Friends, Chibi Godzilla

One day, Chibi Godzilla was lonely and went to look for friends. He saw Chibi Mothra, whose wings sparkled with light, Chibi Anguirus, whose back was covered in prickly spikes, Chibi Ghidorah, who was very good at singing, and Chibi Rodan, who could fly through the sky. When asked to show what he could do, Chibi Godzilla replied that he could breathe fire and spewed a blast of fire at the other monsters, causing them to flee. Chibi Godzilla ran after them, begging them not to go, with his fire breath striking a nearby fruit tree and causing all of the fruits to fall from it. Chibi Godzilla enthusiastically began eating the fruit, then offered to share it with the other monsters. The monsters ate the fruit together until their bellies were full. Finally, Chibi Godzilla had friends of his own and was not lonely anymore.


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Chibi Godzilla is able to roar when he has a cold and sneezes. His roar was originally used by Godzilla in the Showa era.

Godzilla's roars in the Showa era


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