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Mothra incarnations
Mothra (Monsterverse)
Mothra (Godzilla Singular Point)
Mothra® trademark icon
A group of Mothras in Godzilla Singular Point
Alternate names Silkworms, giant silkworm moths
Species Silkmoth-like insectoid
First appearance Godzilla Singular Point
episode 12, "Explorer"
The flight of yellow butterflies is a sign of warfare. (黄蝶群飛 (おうちょうぐんぴ)、これ兵革 (へいかく)の兆しなり)

Goro Otaki, quoting the Azuma Kagami (Godzilla Singular Point)

Mothras (モスラ,   Mosura) are a group of silkmoth-like kaiju who appear in episode 12 of the 2021 anime series Godzilla Singular Point.


The name "Mothra" is the suffixation of "-ra" (a common last syllable in kaiju names) to "moth." Since the Japanese language does not have dental fricatives, it is approximated "Mosura" in Japanese. The Mothras are not named in Godzilla Singular Point; their identity is only confirmed by the Godzilla Singular Point Fan Book.[1] Upon first seeing them, Goro Otaki ponders if the Mothras could be Japanese silkmoths, referring to them by the interchangeable terms tensan (天蚕 (てんさん)) and yamamayuga (ヤママユガ). The subtitles for the episode on Netflix translate these as silkworms and giant silkworm moths, respectively.


The Mothras resemble silkmoths, but with the butterfly-like wing patterns of classic interpretations of the character. Their bodies are an off-white color with a dark brown stripe running up the middle of their undersides. Their wings sport a mix of yellow and brown splotches with tighter white stripes closer to their thoraxes. Each of their four wings is decorated by a red dot which is outlined in bands of white, yellow and/or brown. Their hindwings are accented with a red outline, and they have deep blue eyes.


A swarm of Mothras suddenly appeared in an area of Tokyo which had been blanketed by Red Dust emitted from Godzilla. Goro Otaki speculated the creatures were silkmoths of the species Antheraea yamamai, but noted that they were not the right color. The Godzilla Singular Point Fan Book clarifies that they are "thought to be a different species [from Antheraea yamamai]" due to being a different color, and goes on that "it is unknown whether they emerged from the singular point."[1]

Otaki also postulated that the moths were an omen of warfare, quoting a passage from the Azuma Kagami about the "flight of yellow butterflies."


The Mothras appear indifferent to larger creatures, fluttering past the humans gathered in Tokyo. One Mothra even landed on Jet Jaguar's hand before flying away.


Godzilla Singular Point


While Goro Otaki, Yun Arikawa, and the other crew of the Otaki Factory headed for Godzilla, a Mothra landed on Jet Jaguar's hand, but soon took off again. A swarm of the creatures later seemed to appear out of thin air in the heart of Tokyo. Goro, likening them to yellow butterflies spoken of in the historical chronicle Azuma Kagami, suggested the creatures were an omen of warfare - a foreshadowing of the confrontation with Godzilla which lay ahead of them.



Mothra is capable of flight.


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  • Like Rodan, Manda, and Kumonga, the version of Mothra in Godzilla Singular Point is a species instead of an individual.
  • This is the only incarnation of Mothra that does not have a roar.
  • This is the smallest incarnation of Mothra to date.
  • This version of Mothra resembles Fairy Mothra in both size and behavior, with their flocking behavior and glowing dust trail resembling the Fairy Mothra flock seen in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.


This is a list of references for Mothra (Godzilla Singular Point). These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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