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Mei Kamino
Mei Kamino in Godzilla Singular Point
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Researcher
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 1, "Terzetto"
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 13, "Together"
Played by Japanese: Yume Miyamoto
English: Erika Harlacher
German: Eleni Möller
Spanish: Yolanda Mariana Ortiz León (Mexican), Cristal Barreyro (Castilian)
French: Charlotte Hervieux
Italian: Lavinia Paladino
Portuguese: Mariana Evangelista

Mei Kamino (神野 銘 (カミノ・メイ),   Kamino Mei) is a genius researcher and primary protagonist of the 2021 animated Godzilla series, Godzilla Singular Point.


A main character of the story. She is an eccentric graduate student who studies "nonexistent creatures." She has a cheery and confident personality. Although she is a genius, she has an air of absentmindedness, often losing things. After receiving a request to fill in for an absent professor in the investigation of "Misakioku," she became wrapped up in the fight against Godzilla.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


In the year 2030, Mei Kamino was photographing a mural which spoke of the catastrophe, specifically how the moment when the ocean turned red, monsters would rise to destroy the earth. She was sent by her professor, a man by the name of Sasamoto, to consult the Tsuguno District Administration Bureau, otherwise known as the Misakioku Observatory, on an alarm which has recently started ringing for the first time. Chief of Staff Shunya Sato tells her that it is responding to a certain signal: a song playing on a loop. While going through the manuals and attempting to assist with the situation, she contacted Otaki Factory, who had installed a communication cable a while back. She spoke with Yun Arikawa over the phone, but after not reaching a conclusion to the situation, Mei was driven back to her apartment, and on her way there she began doing research on Otaki Factory. While there, she downloaded an AI by the name of Naratake. Once home, she finished downloading the artificial intelligence, and after attempting to uninstall it due to believing it to be a virus, it explained how it could be of use. After agreeing to let it stay, she named the software Pelops II, after a pet dog she used to have. The following day she returned to the Misakioku Observatory, and was given a ride home by Haberu Kato. As they discussed Yun's strange behavior, the conversation topic switched to her choice to study imaginary creatures.


Mei and Haberu witnessed the conclusion of the battle between a Rodan and the Otaki Factory mecha Jet Jaguar in Nigashio: the pterodactyl-like creature plummeting from the sky, dead. They arrived in the area of the attack a few moments later, while Mei was preoccupied with photographing the mysterious creature. The following day, Kamino was researching aviary organisms in a direct response to the sudden appearance of what was believed to have been a dinosaur. She wrote a variety of notes and observations over transdimensional flying creatures, which Pelops suggested should be published. As they hadn't been organized, Mei declined to do so, but when Pelops offered to organize them, she obliged. A while later, as Mei was attempting to make ramen, the AI informed Mei that a Professor named Li Guiying had contacted her as a response to her paper. When questioning how she was able to respond to a paper that hadn't been released yet, Pelops revealed that he had already organized and published it. He explained that Professor Li wished to meet her in Tokyo, prompting Mei to investigate the mysterious professor while she was traveling to where she was supposed to meet her. She was impressed with her vast variety of accomplishments, but was intrigued by her involvement with an organization known as SHIVA Consortium.


Still making her way to Tokyo, Mei continued to further look into Li. She was interested in the concept of Archetype, which was heavily featured on Li's profile. She questioned if such a molecule was even capable of existing, but still kept the notion that it hadn't been synthesized at the moment. She noticed a family pleading with a staff member of the train she was traveling on, which prompted her to ask what was going on. Pelops displayed various images and broadcasts of a swarm of Rodan attacking the area of Chiba, Japan. When Mei briefly saw her apartment building on the news broadcast, she become worried as she left her laundry outside. She'd ask Pelops to see if he could obtain any footage of her apartment, causing him to display a list of possibly accessible cameras, three of which had a view of her building. Pelops had gained access to a work robot belonging to Otaki Factory, as Mei was surprised that they had entered "Haberu's company". Pelops quickly began to move around, leading Satomi Kanahara to believe that Yun required the robot, and as such she let him out. While Yun and Haberu were leading the Rodan away from the area, the robot prevented one of the flying creatures from attacking the pair. However, Pelops was overwhelmed and destroyed by the sheer number of Rodan attacking, although Yun and Haberu were ultimately able to lure the Rodan away. Mei made an emergency stop, and soon after reached Tokyo. There, she met freelance journalist Takehiro Kai, a man who she didn't trust as she assumed him to be preying on her due to her research. He explained that Professor Li had actually sent him herself, and asked him to give Mei an envelope. Within the envelope, she found a translucid cube containing a small flower. Believing it to be a test, she toyed with it in an attempt to figure out what she was supposed to do with the mysterious object. Kai laughed in response to this, telling Mei that it was nothing too serious. He asked her about her major, which she explained was "Biologia Phantastica." The journalist surprised her by revealing that he was actually very much aware of what that topic entailed. Mei received an invitation to visit Professor Li's Archetype conference in Dubai, with all expenses paid. She was shocked to learn that the professor was actually interested in researching alongside her. After finding out that someone had accessed the robot utilizing the AI he'd distributed, Yun Arikawa contacted the user responsible. Mei apologized for damaging the robot, but Yun assured her that she'd been a big help and would later return the favor. She changed her profile to a Longhorn Beetle, and asked him about the strange object she'd been given. Yun recognized the object, referring to it as the "flower rotating in reverse". Mei suddenly realized that the object had strange properties, and he told her that he believed it to be called "Archetype".


Kamino reviewed her conversation with Yun with the help of Pelops II, as they were attempting to discover a series of mysterious numbers and letters which they believed to be encoded with a word. After Pelops misinterpreted a word Mei spoke as a possible suggestion for the code, he translated the word "Everything" to MD5. Mei continued to suggest more and more possibilities, even after landing in Dubai, but none of them matched the code Yun had sent her. Soon after, she encountered Makita K. Nakagawa, a SHIVA worker who would be her driver. He questioned her lack of luggage, but when Mei turned to see it, she realized that it wasn't with her, as it was being transported through the airport's conveyer belt. Soon after, she arrived at the Archetype conference, presented by SHIVA. She listened intensively as she watched Professor Lin step on stage, explaining the functionality of Archetype, where she revealed that they had managed to physically create Archetype. She gave a demonstration of the new material, with its ability to trap light and energy, only to further intensify it, causing the sample to be destroyed. Blow away already, Mei stood up from her seat and interrupted the professor by stating that "If light retracts through time, its diffused reflection can cause photons to appear repeatedly in one spot." She elaborated further that the photons present were actually from the future. Li was impressed by this, stating that she must be Mei Kamino.

After the conference, Mei spoke with Professor Li for the first time, who apologized for making her rush from the airport to the conference. A higher-up from SHIVA, Michael Steven, interrupted their conversation, leading Li to introduce Mei to the man. Michael would explain to the professor that Bearach had taken advantage of their absence to attempt to utilize the Orthagonal Diagonalizer on Salunga. Li asked Mei to write a report on her theory, and have it done by tomorrow, before stepping away to deal with the issues going on at SHIVA. The duo of Otaki Factory employees soon encountered the same man who had delivered the envelope to Mei, Takehiro Kai. After arriving at her extremely fancy hotel, Mei noticed that she had lost the key to her suitcase, only to realize it was never locked to begin with. This obvious revelation led her to believe that the answer to the mysterious characters Yun had sent her was the very thing he told her to do: "Solve it and find out." After telling Yun she'd figured it out, she asked him what connection there was between MD5 and Archetype. After a discussion about the nature of Archetype, he explained that in order to solve Archetype's MD5 hash they needed to simulate every single possible atomic structure, but as it had already been solved, there were only a few possibilities. Either it had been found by a super calculator, one which was so extremely complex and powerful that neither he nor Mei believed it could even exist in this world, it was solved by a genius, one born every 10 billion years, or somebody got improbably lucky and guessed it correctly. They doubted odds like that could even be possible, so that lead them to their fourth choice; somebody already knew the answer, implying they could see into the future. They came to the conclusion that Archetype was not from this world, as it defied the laws of physics entirely. At a similar time, the creature that had eaten the Rodan carcass revealed itself, a creature by the name of Anguirus.


While a pair of Manda revealed themselves to the world, Yun had a conversation with Mei right after having encountered Anguirus, as he had asked if Archetype may already exist in this world, and that if he had read correctly when Mei stated that it refracted light towards the past, which Mei retorted to by stating that she had witnessed it with her very own eyes. Yun was still in a state of disbelief as he couldn't believe that something which broke our laws of physics could possibly exist within our plain of existence, but Mei replied by explaining that it could possibly transcend time if no information was transferred along with it. They'd bet on whether or not light was capable of refracting through time, with Mei being in favor of it being possible and Yun in favor of it not being possible. Pelops II would interrupt this conversation by informing Mei that Professor Li wished to see her about her report. Mei soon arrived to meet with Li, using a whiteboard and marker to demonstrate her hypothesis as to how light was able to be refracted through time. She explained that if one was to picture light moving back in time within the shape of a rectangle, one could visualize space as being on a vertical axis while time was a horizontal axis. Light would usually refract at a completely straight angle through the entire rectangle, but in this case, light would change its angle at both edges of the shape. She presents light as moving in a three-line zig-zag, with the second line being the one visible to us. Light would travel independently on all three of the lines, and as they were generated at the same time, Anti-Photons would be created due to this and ultimately destroy each other on the medium’s surface. She’d explain how if this process was theoretically possible, then light would be able to refract through time if the process was to be repeated multiple times. Mei was surprised when Professor Li revealed that they had already designated a term for this process, which was “Ashihara Cascade”. Kamino felt like she’d wasted her time explaining and figuring this process out when SHIVA had already solved it before, but Li would cheer her up by stating that she’d figured out the answer right away, while it took SHIVA years to do so.

Just as this was occurring, Salunga was attempting to breach the SHIVA facility in India. Yun and Mei continued their conversation from earlier, coming to the conclusion that the process she’d explained earlier was just the same as seeing the future. They once again wondered if the process was even possible in the first place, but still theorizing that If no information was transferred it would theoretically be possible. Yun asked that if it was possible for arguments’ sake, what would the future look like to her? While Mei was taking a break to further think over his question, she stared at the Archetype sample that she’d been given a few days prior, asking herself the very same question. Soon after, multiple swans of Rodan would attack all over the world.


Mei was stationed at a local library in Dubai, searching for any information that could possibly assist with her investigation of Archetype. She'd ask Pelops II how it feels within his new body, with him responding that it was significantly more powerful than the laptop which he previously inhabited. She was searching for any physical archives she could find, as Ashihara was so ahead of his time that any possible sources or journals were not digitalized. She'd ultimately find a book, one which contained a photograph of Ashihara and was full of scribbles which described the catastrophe and Archetype. Within one page, however, she'd find a variety of musical notes accompanied by the phrases "Let's your soul stand cool and composed, before a million universes.", "fearful symmetry" and "Orthogonal Diagonalizer.", with the last of which being linked to the equation "6=9".

She'd go over the notes that she had found, figuring that "fearful symmetry" was referring to Symmetrophobia, although neither Pelops or Mei believed that was what he meant. Yukie Kanoko would surprise Mei by coming up behind her, going over the poem "The Tyger" by William Blake, which contained the phrase she'd been trying to figure out. Yukie would introduce herself by handing Kamino a business card, claiming to have seen her at the Archetype lecture. She would continue further, explaining that "Let your soul stand coo and composed before a million universes." was from a poem by Walt Whitman. Kanoko asked if it was true that Archetype had the ability to rewind time, with Mei responding that rather than rewinding it, it would bend and warp it. Due to the conversation between the two, she'd find out that what Ashihara meant by "6=9" was the way the universe was able to distort itself, represented by it turning upside down. Excited at the prospect of having solved it, Mei would run out the library and head for Professor Li. She'd ultimately trip, however, dropping all her papers on the ground below. As Li helped her pick them up, she'd spot what Mei referred to as Distorted Symmetry. Kamino would claim that she now knew how the Ashihara Cascade works. She'd utilize a piece of paper folded like a triangle to demonstrate it, as when it was straightened out, it would show the equation 6=9, but when folded, the 6 and 9 would overlap each other, with their numbers now matching as a perfect 6. She'd go on by claiming that one would find the distortion from earlier with a 3D structure. Impressed by her intelligence, Li would offer Mei the opportunity to go with her to London. Bearach Byrne was heavily impressed by Mei's discovery, as Li informed him of the progress they had made.

At the same time, Godzilla Aquatilis would appear in Tokyo Bay.


While on a flight to London, Mei and Li continued their conversation over Ashihara Cascade, with Li mentioning BB, who was impressed by her report. The theory that Archetype was simply the visible to us portion of a much larger molecule was gaining more traction as Mei found that despite being projected to us in 3D, its rotation was in 4D. Utilizing jello and a toothpick to demonstrate her hypothesis, she'd explain that if space and time was to be the jello while the stick was light, the 6=9 distortion would function the way she proposed. She would bend the jello into a u-shape, showing that if time and space was to be bent and the stick was to be light, when it was stuck through, it would go through the jello twice. Thus demonstrating that it was possible for light to go through our universe twice, just like in the Archetype conference, as long as our universe was bent. Li would explain that what Mei was referring to was called a Singular Point, just as it was announced that their plane would make an emergency stop in Milan, Italy.

With the threat of Salunga escaping growing further and Tokyo becoming overwhelmed by Manda, Rodan , and the recently-having-made-landfall Godzilla, Bearach Byrne would request permission from Tilda Miller to utilize the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.

Stuck in a Mulan airport, Mei was not stopping her research on the nature of Archetype. With the sea in Tokyo turning a reddish tone, Mei would ask Pelops II to display the photographs she'd taken the day before the Rodan attack, the ones depicting monsters rising from the tides when they turned scarlet. In the mural, she'd find text which read "Gojira", an apocalyptic monster who would appear when the ocean turned red. Questioning Li about what Red Dust truly was, Li would state that it was simply the raw state of Archetype, otherwise known as its first form. Mei was both shocked and disappointed that it took her so long to figure out that Red Dust and Archetype were one in the same. Makita K. Nakagawa managed to rent a car for them to use in order to drive to France, to then take a ferry to the UK.

While having stopped to refill gas, Mei and Li's conversation continued. Mei questioned if SHIVA created the Kaiju themselves, but Li claimed they simply didn't have the ability to create life. She stated that as far as they knew, Archetype had a total of 13 separate phases, although only 3 of them had been observed by them. According to her, Ashihara believed that creatures would evolve if they came in contact with the Red Dust, citing that he'd discovered Red Dust within a species of Jellyfish as evidence for his claim. As Mei asked if there was any way to control or manage the excess Red Dust that was slowly overwhelming the planet, Li responded with the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, further stating that BB was testing her theory with the device.

Soon after, Bearach Byrne dropped the Orthogonal Diagonalizer into the pit where Salunga was located, seemingly stalling it as it attempted to escape, due to it being impaled by crystalized Red Dust.

Yun and Mei would continue their chat, with him admitting that she'd won the bet as Anguirus had the ability to see the future. Mei, rather than focusing on that, would begin to discuss the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, with them going over the possibility of it being able to control the Red Dust. At that point, they'd finally gained an answer to the question they had asked days prior, how they were able to find the MD5 hash of Archetype, it was utilizing a Super Dimensional Calculator. In the middle of this, Yun would send Mei a file containing the protocol to make Jet Jaguar invincible, soon after having defeated Anguirus.


As the area surrounding Godzilla was evacuated and turned into a war zone, the creature suddenly "died" and cocooned itself, just as Otaki Factory found a Manda carcass. At a similar time, Bearach Byrne was taken by SHIVA agents back to their facility. Mei was traveling on a ferry towards the UK with Li Guiying and Makita, with Li congratulating Mei on the fact that her Transtemporal Archetype theory was proven correct. Although, it was impossible to process or execute in reality at the moment. Li, despite keeping the Super Dimension Calculator a secret from Kamino, was impressed by the fact that she was already aware of its existence. Their discussion would continue while a pair of kids were messing with Pelops II's robot form, as Li would eventually reveal that Michiyuki Ashihara did in fact utilize the calculator to see into the future, but what he had seen was the catastrophe. A Rodan flew overhead, while a pair of Manda swam beneath their ferry, eventually arriving in London. As people were mass evacuating the region due to the swarm of monsters, Mei and her group drove into the city. In order to demonstrate the theory, Li would ask Pelops to calculate 1+1, then to do it continuously, but every single time the answer was 1. When asked what if the answer was different every time, he said he'd assume there was a mistake or error. Li would go on by saying that it was normal to assume something was wrong, but if you cannot find what the problem itself is then there is no error, rather it's down to a lack of understanding of time. They'd soon arrive in Ashihara's old home, where Li would task Mei with finding a way to avoid the catastrophe, as she'd gotten the closest to solving it more than anybody else.

BB was being interrogated by Tilda Miller, who was furious at him for nearly destroying SHIVA with the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. During this, Yun, Haberu, Goro, a group of government officials and Jet Jaguar, fought off a hoard of Kamacuras.

While going through Ashihara's notes, they'd spend time unable to locate anything of major existence. In one specific book, they'd find imagery of multiple eye-like shapes, being Singular Points, represented as Super Calculators. The overwhelming number of eyes would push a point of the existence of multiple calculators, and due to their simultaneous activity, they'd end up causing the Catastrophe through their "rivalry". They'd figure out that the eyes actually represented Singular Points, implying that a calculator would be a Singular Point.


Mei, now aware of the Super Dimension Calculator, informed Yun Arikawa about its existence. Even though he and his group were still dealing with the threat of Kumongas, Yun would still continue to further evaluate the thought that Archetypes were being developed with the supercomputer. Mei informed Yun of how Singular Points were continuing to grow, which would lead to the catastrophe getting out of hand. Upon Pelops discovering a date within the notes, she'd realize that the predicted date of the catastrophe would occur sometime in the year 2020, which lead Mei to realize that Michiyuki Ashihara was utilizing the supercomputer to find a way to prevent the catastrophe from occurring. Upon running in to a room to inform Professor Li what she'd just discovered, she'd find herself in front of the board of directors of SHIVA through a screen. Li would introduce her to the rest of the people present, those two being Tilda Miller and Bearach Byrne, with the exception of Michael Steven as she had previously already met him. BB would question if Mei was the one to write the report, but immediately afterwards the professor would ask if she could explain what she'd just discovered to the rest. She explained that Ashihara had developed the Super Dimension Calculator to further investigate the Archetypes, as he theorized that they were otherworldly molecules that were generated by Singular Points. BB would retort by stating that was no longer a theory, but a proven fact. When Kamino further explained that he foresaw a catastrophe in the future, Bearach asked if the catastrophe truly would be a real event. The board members didn't believe her when she explained that it wouldn't happen in the calculator, but that rather it would occur in the real world. When Tilda would state that they couldn't believe it due to lack of evidence, Pelops would display a specific page of Ashihara's notes, which read "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One." and "I am become Death, the shatterer of Worlds." BB stated that if the catastrophe was to truly happen, the calculator would be able to function safely if it does not come in any form of contact with it. If they were to make it repeatedly calculate in a loop, it would be safe from destruction. Despite her plead to focus on the Catastrophe, the staff, alongside Li, voted in favor of utilizing the calculator to eliminate the Red Dust. With the notice that a group of Rodan were headed in their direction, Mei and company would leave in order to travel to India.

While having to stop due to a swarm of Rodan blocking the road and destroying vehicles, Li, Mei and Makita were forced to run into a building for safety, but as Li noticed that a cat had ran away from her owner, she ran in order to return it to the girl, but in the process she'd ultimately be killed. As she picked up the cat, a lone Rodan flew in her direction, and although the way her death is never shown on screen, it is implied she was either impaled or mauled to death.


In a flashback sequence, Mei was shown to have been dining with Li and Makita in a fancy restaurant, in which Li gave Mei many examples of a time paradox. Specifically, how if you were to send an answer to a problem from the future to the past, it wouldn't affect any laws of physics as long as no information was transmitted. Essentially, if one was to send an answer to the past indirectly, as in never stating what it is an answer to in the first place, then it wouldn't affect our world in any way.

Mei was sitting on a statue's base in an Indian airport, waiting to be picked up by Bearach Byrne. Due to the global network failure as a result of the Rodan attacks, she was unable to send any messages to Yun Arikawa. At the same time, a thief wrapped a bag around Pelops II's body, picking him up and running away with him. When noticing this, Lina Byrne would trip the thief with her foot, and when she saw Makita walking towards her menacingly, she ran off, leaving Pelops behind. The young girl would introduce herself to Mei, stating that she came in place of BB. Lina would urge Mei to come with her to witness the experiment, while Makita stayed behind in order to return to Japan. Parting ways, Mei and Lina were now headed to SHIVA.

When they neared the facility, ALAPU UPALA would begin to play on the Radio, with Lina claiming it was a local lullaby. They'd soon spot a massive cloud of Red Dust beginning to cover the area near SHIVA, prompting Byrne to drive faster in order to meet with her father. At the same time, BB and a group of SHIVA soldiers would approach a town nearing the facility. Armed with Orthogonal Diagonalizer missiles, they'd shoot them at Salunga in order to stall him further. In the aftermath of the attack, Lina and Mei would swerve through Red Dust spikes to meet with BB. Later that night, back in Tokyo, Godzilla would unleash his Atomic Breath on the city, slicing through the Tokyo skyline.


As Yun and Haberu were discovered and apprehended by Kai, he revealed himself as a member of SHIVA Consortium, who was in the process of transporting Godzilla's bones, Mei had arrived at the SHIVA facility. She'd plead with Tilda Miller to let her utilize the Super Dimension Calculator to preventent the Catastrophe, although Tilda would claim that the Orthogonal Diagonalizer took priority. While the conversation was ongoing, Mei would remember Professor Li's passing. She'd soon meet up with BB and Lina, who'd embark on a mission to steal and send out multiple ODs without permission from SHIVA, leading to a manhunt. SHIVA would order the facility be shut down in order to prevent the trio from escaping, although they'd ultimately escape the building with the help of Michael Steven. At the same time, Makita would deliver an Orthagonal Diagonalizer to Tokyo, specifically to Yukie Kanoko. While the group of four fled the facility, they'd discuss how Bearach opted to send multiple OPs all over the world. Soon after, they'd arrive at some ancient ruins, the site which Salunga came out of. Kai would use the analogy of a magical lamp to further explain how the Super Dimension Calculator works, while BB and Michael would set up a plan to finish the Orthagonal Diagonalizer, utilize it to stop the Red Dust and the monsters which came alongside it. Mei, Lina and BB would descend further into the cave which was beneath the ruins, taking the same path that Arikawa once took in an attempt to reach the calculator.


The trio, after navigating a red river that they found within the cave, would end up inside the Super Dimension Calculator. There, they discussed what lead to the current state of the facility, where they'd explain that the calculator itself was responsible for all the damage. They'd further climb up the stairs set up along the the perimeter of the pit, avoiding the many Archetype spikes that were generated due to the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. BB would state that he was responsible for detonating the OD utilizing Ashihara's code, but the crystallization was too unstable. They'd make it to an operation center, one in which Pelops II would take the opportunity to recharge his robotic body. He was able to access the internal operational framework of SHIVA using the access key they'd been granted earlier, and using this, he was able to get the pit functioning again. At the same time, Salunga was beginning to wake up as a result of the crumbling crystals around his body. While all three were traveling up an elevator to get to the calculator, they'd discuss the aftermath of the entire situation if they were able to succeed, with both a negative and positive outlook. Once having finally arrived, they'd learn that the calculator itself was named SHIVA, with it having the ability to contort and distort space around it. After Pelops nearly fell off the bridge leading to the calculator, they'd make their way there.

Pelops would eventually access the computer, using his advances to locate as many codes as he could. He'd initially locate 3 million, then 3 billion, then more and more codes were being generated as the simulation went on. The number of codes was growing exponentially as a result of the calculator's distortion of space, with Pelops ultimately coming to the conclusion that the calculator's distortion was creating more and more possible branching futures, all of which themselves contained more possible codes. All of this while Salunga got progressively closer and closer to SHIVA, in an attempt to destroy the Super Dimension Calculator. He'd dive into it further in an attempt to try and find a possible single code, although none of them seemed the yield any results, all the while the Catastrophe was starting to begin at that very moment. Pelops would soon return, realizing that he had been the first AI to have traveled through time, displaying that he'd seen Singular Points all over the future. They'd learn that Ashihara was developing the Orthogonal Diagonalizer to prevent the Catastrophe from occurring in the first place. As multiple Pelops II were being generated due to his time traveling and the space distorting around him. As the machine's display shut off, ALAPU UPALA would begin to be transmitted by the calculator itself. Yun and his team would attempt to use the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, getting it ready for detonation while a swarm of Mothra would fly past them.


Pelops, after flying through the digital space of the calculator, would finally return. He'd explained that he'd found the data for a boat that was imprinted there 50 years prior, and with the belief that the code for detonation could finally be obtained there, he'd set out to locate it. As SHIVA failed to contain Salunga due to their Orthogonal Diagonalizer not affecting him, he'd destroy the outer facility and begin to make his way down to Mei, Lina and BB. Pelops would try to enter the boat, but after multiple failed attempts to locate any mention of a code, he'd begin to sail the ship towards something, all the while the facility crumbled to the ground. With the calculator about ready to explode, Salunga making his way down to them, and the Catastrophe being an impending doom, the trio would run and escape the bridge, just as it was destroyed and the SDC exploded.

Pelops would travel back in time through the calculator, locate Ashihara, and implant the seeds of the answers they would need in the future in the past. He'd send Yun Arikawa the "protocol to make Jet Jaguar invincible", which also happened to be the code necessary for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. Then as the calculator crumbled, the facility was destroyed, and the catastrophe officially began, everything seemed hopeless for all the groups involved. Yun wasn't receiving the code, and Mei would discover that there was no code to activate the OD. With this, Jet Jaguar was able to transform into Jet Jaguar PP, fight Godzilla, and activate the OD, ending the Catastrophe, Red Dust, and everything that came alongside it. Once the catastrophe was over, Mei was able to return to Japan, where she'd meet with Yun Arikawa for the very first time after spending the entire series apart.


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