Lin San

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Lin San
Lin San in Kong: Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Unknown, presumably Chinese
Affiliation Monarch
Occupation Monarch Biologist
Related to Houston Brooks (Husband),
Aaron Brooks (Son)
First appearance Kong: Skull Island
Played by Jing Tian
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— Lin San (Kong: Skull Island)

Lin San is a character in the 2017 Legendary Pictures film, Kong: Skull Island.

Character Description

A brilliant Monarch biologist, San believes in Randa’s quest and the importance of maintaining secrecy about the true dangers of Skull Island. But the mysteries of its extraordinary ecosystem will push both her skills and her humanity to the very limit.[1]


Kong: Skull Island

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Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

Some time after their return from Skull Island, Lin and Houston were married and had a son named Aaron Brooks, who followed in his parents' footsteps to become a Monarch operative.



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